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Danielle Stimpson Founder, Instructor & Practitioner

Since 2008, Philadelphia’s healing center and school of Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and spiritual wellness. Now offering online Reiki classes, community and continuing education! I am here to help you empower yourself, embrace inner peace and take an active role in your general wellbeing. My approach is trauma informed and supportive of your wellness goals. Whether you seek personal healing or wish to serve others.

Celebrating 12 Years Of Teaching & Practice We are a proud woman, LGBTQIA & Handicapped-owned business.

Covid-19 Notice: Due to the ongoing health crisis, in person classes & events are on hold indefinitely. In light of this, I have decided to close our studio in Old City and will reopen in a new, improved location when it is once again safe to do so. Until then, you can schedule distance healing, Tarot services, Reiki shares & comprehensive Reiki training all online. Check out our new virtual community to help stay connected while far apart. You can learn more in my recent blog post. 

Our new online membership programs

We are currently accepting members into our membership programs! We're so excited to deliver a brand new online studio to you in your home. Click below to check out each of our very affordable options!

Community Membership

Stay connected to our Reiki community. Entirely online with amazing perks. There's NO other community like it!

VIP Membership

Access the entirety of our community with online forums., videos, practice support and direct access to Danielle for personal  online sessions or professional coaching.

Supporting Membership

Access online self guided practices, and supportive forums.

Upcoming Classes

Weekend and weekday options to fit all schedules.

We are a multi-discipline Reiki and healing arts school for the spiritually minded, at the ready to help empower your evolution.  We’re close to parking, mass transit and lodging. Rates are affordable, installment payments are available, and work exchange options are available in select classes. One on one and private group classes can be arranged by request.

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Reiki Level 2 – Only 200.00

Choose a multi-part weeknight class or a weekend class.

Our enriching Reiki Level 2 course is a great way to reconnect and find new ways of incorporating healing energy into our everyday lives. This class adds even more fun to the fundamentals of Reiki as we discover several new tools to enhance our practice. Building upon what we learned in Reiki 1, we gain confidence and refine our Reiki skills. You will learn Distance Reiki, Reiki Symbols and much more.

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Reiki Level 1 – Only 200.00

10/10 & 10/11

Each day 10am-4pm via Zoom
Usui Reiki helps us to connect to the abundant healing chi of nature. A personal practice of Reiki can help you self-soothe and maintain inner peace even in difficult times. Tuition is $250, deposit of $100 holds your space. Tuition includes two supervised virtual practice sessions to guide you through treating a loved one you feel safe being in close quarters with during the Covid crisis that you can schedule at your convenience.

reiki classes with danielle stimpson

Reiki 1 Multi-Part Weeknight Class (Online)

Wednesdays 11/4-11/18 & 12/2 (skips Thanksgiving week), 5:30-8:30

Usui Reiki helps us to connect to the abundant healing chi of nature. A personal practice of Reiki can help you self-soothe and maintain inner peace even in difficult times. Tuition is $250, deposit of $100 holds your space. Tuition includes two supervised virtual practice sessions to guide you through treating a loved one you feel safe being in close quarters with during the Covid crisis that you can schedule at your convenience.

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Energy healing is excellent for self-care and complimentary support of physical, mental/emotional & spiritual wellbeing. My specialties include Usui Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and crystal healing. All of these systems include techniques for absentee or “distance” sessions, allowing you to experience the benefits in the comfort of your own home.

Each session is focused on your intentions and goals and begins & ends with a conversation over your choice of Zoom, phone or FaceTime. I also provide in depth and accurate tarot readings that can help illuminate your path forward. I am LGBTQIA+ affirming, trauma informed and hold a space of empowered informed consent. You will not be judged or lectured about size, disability, medications, diet, beliefs or mental health status. Learn more about these methods and how they can help on our services page.

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Online Reiki Classes

Learn new ways to embrace your spiritual evolution, discover techniques to impact your own wellness and even learn career skills in my highly regarded courses. Newly formatted for online learning, my live Zoom based classes are small in size and big on information and practice.

With virtually supervised practice sessions, you can build confidence by treating friends & family with whom you feel safe sharing close quarters while I look on and provide valuable feedback and support. In my groundbreaking new Online Community, you can stay engaged, meet new folks and expand your skills as long as you like! Whether you seek to learn for self-care or to help others, there’s never been a better time to learn Reiki than right now. IET and in-person Reiki classes to resume in the future Learn more about my classes.

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Virtual Reiki Shares & Other Events

Feeling stuck within the same old walls? Broaden your horizons from the comfort of your couch. I offer regular virtual events so you can enjoy new experiences and a sense of comeraderie while socially distanced.

My Reiki Shares are open to everyone – no training required – by optional contribution. These shares are a great opportunity to connect with the infinitely available Reiki energy while meeting friendly new folks. I’ll be there to hold space, lead and answer any and all questions.  to help you keep your spirits up even if your finances are down. I’ll be adding additional workshops, meditations and mini classes throughout the Covid crisis. Scroll down to sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Instagram or Facebook


You can schedule distance healing sessions, Tarot readings via Zoom, phone and FaceTime, and an ever growing menu of meditations, workshops and classes available online. Learn more about and schedule healings and readings below, or learn more about our virtual studio.

*** Our Old City Studio is temporarily closed. However all of our services are available in online formats. We look forward to reopening as soon as it is in the best interest of public health to do so. ***

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Practical, Hands on learning


Every class includes practice treating others in a supervised, shared class environment (no touch required, all touch boundaries affirmed).

Graduates of our mastery program are eligible to become practitioners in our studio should they wish.  If you feel called to serve your community as a Reiki or Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, you will have the opportunity to participate in our graduate practitioner program, treating clients and or leading events with Learn Reiki Philadelphia.

Are you a Learn Reiki Philadelphia Reiki Master/Advanced IET Graduate? Email admin@learnreikiphiladelphia.com to inquire about opportunities.


** Application process required. Only available to Learn Reiki Philadelphia Graduates. **

Learn Reiki Philadelphia is beginning to feel like a second home. Danielle is a patient, honest, and affirming teacher. She is generous with her knowledge, and holds space for others to feel empowered in their learning. I left both my Reiki classes feeling like I’d been chatting with old friends by the end of first day. I’m grateful for the flexibility in payment options (pay in full or a specified down payment amount) and the prompt confirmation that they’ve received payment. I’m grateful for finding this community of healers, and I recommend Learn Reiki Philadelphia without hesitation!

-Amanda Green

Our community is open, inclusive & friendly.

We're a safe and judgement free space and warmly welcome everyone. You won't be lectured about your diet, beliefs or way of life. We are LGBTQIA and handicapped friendly*.

Are you a presenter, group or provider seeking an accessible space for a small event, meeting or wellness service? We're happy to discuss partnering with you to provide better community access for those with mobility challenges. Contact Danielle directly at learnreikiphiladelphia (at) gmail (dot) com.

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