Integrated Energy Therapy® is a healing technique that allows us to release the pain of the past to better embrace our future.

photo of an angel in a gardenWith light touch, suppressed emotions can be cleared, leaving you free to embrace your Soul’s mission. IET is great for those who feel emotionally or mentally stuck in their lives and would like help letting go of ‘emotional baggage’. Even better, you do not have to have to follow any religion or be intuitive at all…just have an open heart and mind.

IET is a great compliment to Reiki, and can even be practiced alongside it. Learning integrated Energy Therapy will give you the knowledge and ability to harness this energy, apply it using a unique system of the body’s energy centers and how to help facilitate the release of painful emotions from the human energy field (also known as an “aura”). In the advanced class, you will learn to use Integrated Energy to help you connect with your Soul’s mission and better access the elements you need to make it come to life.

Danielle Stimpson, Founder of Learn Reiki Philadelphia, teaches Integrated Energy Therapy under the direction of The Center of Being, Inc. Each certification class is approximately 8 hours long, includes illustrated practice manual and costs $250. Students who have trained with other teachers are certainly welcome to observe classes or continue their training with Danielle, and students who train under Danielle able to easily transfer to other instructors around the World. 

There is no prerequisite for the Basic level class-even if you are totally new to energy work, you’ll leave with the ability to give a session to yourself and to others. Intermediate and Advanced each add new techniques to further empower your sessions. After completing these three levels, you are eligible to take Master-Instructor training (now available locally) and become a teacher yourself! You can learn more about the contents of each class, see upcoming class dates and enroll below. **Please note that our classes are usually scheduled for weekends, though we are happy to schedule weekday classes by request. Email Danielle today at Danielle@learnreikiphiladelphia.com to request.

Beginning in 2020, Danielle will offer regular “IET for Pets” classes! This course, also developed by the Center of Being, will allow you to support your animal companions to heal with the power of the Angels. This one day intensive (prerequisite: IET Basic) will take what you’ve learned and show you how to apply it to your cat, dog or horse. This exciting class is only $150! Check dates below.

Still have questions about Integrated Energy Therapy? Contact Danielle at danielle@learnreikiphiladelphia.com or give us a call at 267-571-9355

Calling all animal lovers!

We now offer the class  IET for Pets! Prerequisire: IET Basic. In honor of our first Pets class, you can take our next Basic Training on Sat 2/29 and IET for Pets on Sun 3/1 and SAVE 75!  Purchase this package or simply place your deposits and we’ll take the discount off of your final payment in Saturday’s class.


Upcoming classes:

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About the Instructor, Danielle Stimpson

 In 2010, while in the midst of teaching my first Reiki Master training, I discovered Integrated Energy Therapy by an aligning of the fates that only the Angels could help provide. Deeply moved by this new method, I continued to use IET for self-healing until I felt the call to attend IET Master-Instructor Training with Michelle McCarthy in 2012. Ever since, I’ve been honored to host regular classes and healing sessions in Philadelphia.

I find the system and the energy to be empowering and soothing, allowing one to learn from the past without having to re-experience it. Since my very first sessions with Kelly Morton, IET has supported my personal healing journey in many ways. Integrated Energy Therapy continues to help me as I work through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other issues stemming from abuse, depression, anorexia, physical illness and grief and has helped me to feel more connected to my Spiritual path.  I have had the opportunity to work with and be inspired by hundreds of clients and students with a diverse range of experiences, personal goals and spiritual awakenings. IET has added so much to what I am able to offer my clients, and has deepened my connection to the Angels, for which I am eternally grateful.

My teaching style is very practical and grounded, allowing my students to experience their connection to energy in a safe, comfortable and judgement-free environment with just the right amount of personal space and support. The knowledge I’ve collected as a Reiki Master and Instructor, Shamanic Practitioner and Psychic Development mentor allow me to provide special guidance to students who identify as “sensitive” or “psychic”, or may just be coming in to their gifts. My teaching space is fully handicapped accessible and welcomes people of all backgrounds, races, religions and nations. We are an LGBTQIA++ friendly and affirming center that will honor your name and pronouns.

Learn Reiki Philadelphia is in the always beautiful Old City district and is close to mass transit, I95, the Ben Franklin Bridge, lodging, great food and even affordable parking. Even if you are travelling from far away, you are sure to enjoy your time here!  Have questions? Want to learn more? call 267-571-WELL or email learnreikiphiladelphia@gmail.com to discuss this course with me directly.

“I completed three levels of training in Integrated Energy Therapy® with Danielle. In addition to her skills as an energy healer and teacher, I was impressed with Danielle’s kind heart, emotional maturity, and wisdom. Watch the way she interacts with people (including strangers); it’s inspiring. I refer psychotherapy clients to her, and I trust her as a conduit of healing energy for me. She’s a beautiful being!” – Allison B., Philadelphia

Allison B., Philadelphia

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