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Reiki Level 2 Online Certification

Deepening  Our  Connection

Learn Reiki Philadelphia’s online Reiki Level 2 class is convenient and can be taken wherever you are most comfortable .  You won’t miss being in community with your class because Danielle Stimpson’s classes are held live via zoom and plenty of virtual hands on instruction is given.

Right now is the best time to get certified as a reiki master. During quarantine people need the healing energy of Reiki now more than ever. Because Reiki DOES work at a distance it’s the perfect socially distanced modality!

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Reiki Level 2 online curriculum includes:

  • The first three sacred Reiki symbols and their history
  • How-to and best practices for sending Reiki over a distance
  • Best practices in using Reiki for emotional/mental healing
  • How to cleanse and clear the energy of a space or object using Reiki
  • Using Reiki for Karmic healing and healing of past trauma
  • Different perspectives, viewpoints and practices throughout the Reiki community

How does Reiki Level 2 online work?

You will receive all Reiki level 2 attunements. Prerequisite Reiki 1, this class is offered to those who studied level 1 elsewhere, and transfer students may receive a copy of Danielle’s Level 1 Manual at their request.  Reiki Level 2 class size is kept to six or fewer for personalized attention and support. Spend some time reconnecting with Reiki…your body, mind and Spirit will thank you!

While times are indeed challenging, Reiki is not. In fact, Mikao Usui created the system that bears his name to make healing energy more accessible to everyday folks in early 1920s Japan during the Great Kanto Earthquake and the rise of Imperialism.

Our online Reiki classes are the perfect way to balance stress, empower yourself and support those you care about during this difficult time. We cannot wait to welcome you.

Reiki Level 2 online is twelve hours of LIVE classtime available as a weekend intensive or multi-week course.

Your Reiki Level 2 online tuition includes two passes for our Supervised Virtual Practice Sessions. In these sessions, Danielle will support & guide you (and a small group of students) to practice giving a session to a friend or loved one with whom you feel safe sharing close quarters. Choose someone from your quarantine crew (or mask up with a friend outdoors using the Zoom mobile app) and get the practice you need without any unnecessary exposure!

Your initial steps into Reiki are truly magical, and this exciting time of self discovery is one you won’t soon forget. In our Reiki Level 2 online class, you will learn the basics of energy work, practice several ways to treat yourself and learn to give a Reiki treatment to someone else. 

Reiki Level 2 online adds even more fun to the fundamentals of Reiki as we discover several new tools to enhance our practice. Building upon what we learned in Reiki 1, we build more confidence and refine out Reiki skills. This enriching Reiki Level 2 onlineweekend is a great way to reconnect with Reiki and find new ways of incorporating it into our day to day lives.


Invest In yourself

Becoming a Reiki Practitioner is an investment in your future. Reiki Level 2 online is the next step towards practiving Reiki professionally or towards becoming a Reiki master Teacher. We try to keep our tuitions affordable in alignment with the spirit of reiki.

Reiki Level 2 online: $200*, payable in installments. $75 holds your space, remaining $125 due day 1 of class.

*The cost for Reiki Level 1 & 2 will rise to $225 in 2022. If you place a deposit or pay tuition in full prior to 1/5/2022, you’ll be locked in to the lower rate* Reiki Level 2 online deposits are refundable up to seven days in advance. After that, the entire deposit may be applied to another class, but are non-refundable.

Reiki Level 2 online weekend Classes are two days long and total 12 hours of class time and 2 hours of breaks. Multi-part classes are 12 hours of class time spread over 4 days of classes, usually meeting once per week.

Ongoing Support

We have added a comprehensive online community for ongoing development, support and continued learning. It is the soul-supporting platform we all need right now, with many ways to connect and grow. Similar to a Patreon but with so much more, memberships start at just $5 a month. While this is completely optional, we think you will love it. Our online community is open to everyone, not just our own students Learn more…

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Covid 19 Update:

Due to the ongoing health crisis, our Old City studio is closed. We will reopen in a new location when the pandemic (or our Nation’s response to it) allows. Danielle has partnered with Pierce Digital Creative to provide intimate, practical and effective online Reiki classes as we move through this challenging time together.


Don’t take my word for it - See what students and clients say about my services!

“Danielle is an attentive, talented teacher and practitioner. As a client and student, she is my go-to person for intuitive readings and Reiki courses. She has done an excellent job at creating a web of healers in the Philadelphia area that serve as an excellent support system. This is the best Reiki school near me. I would highly recommended her services!”

-Vanessa Hazzard, Author & Healing Arts Educator

“I have had the opportunity to learn Reiki 1 and 2 from Danielle over the last 2 years. Danielle is an amazing person. Her experience in Reiki and beyond makes her a very knowledgeable teacher and supportive guide through learning Reiki. In addition to her vast knowledge, she is a patient facilitator. If you are considering learning Reiki, absolutely work with Danielle. You will be very satisfied!”
-KD, Vineland, NJ


“Danielle is not only intuitive and brilliant, she has a way to guide you along your path instead of giving you the plan. I rank Danielle up there with some of the world’s best and is an integral part of my healing journey. Not only a teacher, friend, and healer, Danielle is the most giving of herself and her resources to others, making her an inspiration to me.”
-Stephanie Dodd, Founder of Hope Through Love


“Danielle is beyond amazing. Her healings are powerful but gentle. In her readings as well as a person, she helps get to the core of the matter by speaking her truth and helping you to find yours. She does this in a way that is articulate and knowledgeable but with a sense of humor too! She’s very down to earth and without a drop of the airy fairy pretentiousness that some ‘new age’ practitioners nowadays are sometimes stereotyped for. She’s the real deal.”

-Marilyn, NYC


“Danielle is a wonderful teacher and intuitive. She has taught me so much and has really opened my eyes to what my soul’s higher purpose really is. I am so grateful to have met Danielle and attribute the beginning of my spiritual journey to her teachings. She is truly an amazing spirit!”

-JD, Philadelphia


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