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100% Online Reiki Master Certification

Live training, an experienced instructor and small class size  create a learning experience that is transformative, thorough …and surprisingly affordable.

Becoming an Usui Reiki Master is a deeply fulfilling process of self-discovery and personal healing. Our Reiki Master course invites you to build your relationship with Reiki energy while learning the intuitive, practical, professional and ethical components needed to bring it in to your everyday life.

Reiki Master Certification Reimagined

Danielle Stimpson’s unique online Reiki Master class provides 24 live hours of expert instruction for unparalleled depth of study. Join us each week for class from the comfort of home no matter where you live! Each class is balanced between advancing our Reiki skills, deepening our knowledge of the system and Reiki specific professional topics. Have to miss a class? Let us know so we can record it for you to watch when it works for you. Whether you seek personal enrichment or professional development, you will thoroughly enjoy this rewarding, life-changing experience. Prerequisite: Reiki 1 & 2, any style or lineage, also available online 

Curriculum Includes:

  • Creating our individual self-standards and goals with the Precepts as our guide
  • Defining our commitment to ourselves, Reiki and our communities
  • Advanced Reiki methods for healing yourself and others
  • The ethics of intuition, energy healing & Reiki in business
  • Appropriate boundaries & scope of practice
  • Learning more about the Reiki system’s founders
  • Business practices including intake forms, insurance, pricing, how to get started & much, much more
  • Building your own self-care plan to keep in balance and prevent burnout
  • Creating a safe, inclusive space for healing
  • How to pass attunements in person and over a distance

This class includes a certificate with raised seal and access to Danielle’s live weekly Reiki Shares with me on Zoom. Each event includes Q&A, a self session and/or new technique and the sharing of Reiki healing among attendees. These shares are closed to our students & grads only. 

Tuition & Books

$650, payable in installments. $150 deposit holds your space and is applied towards total tuition. Important: All students who’ve studied Reiki 1 and/or 2 with Danielle save $150 on Reiki 3 tuition! This comes off of your final payment and cannot be combined with any other offers.

Early Bird Pricing: Enroll (place deposit) by Friday May 5, 2023 and save $100 off of your final payment! 


The Reiki Sourcebook Revised Edition, Bronwen & Frans Steine (or purchase used at BookFinder.com)

Ethics in Energy Medicine by Heidi Light

This class gives you the necessary tools to pass attunements and teach. If you took a previous version of Reiki Mastery with Danielle and feel ready to learn the attunement process, please contact her directly at Danielle@LearnReikiPhiladelphia.com.

About the Instructor, Danielle Stimpson

I fell in love with Reiki back in 2005 when it helped me begin to come to terms with childhood & family trauma, relationship abuse & an eating disorder. It was so impactful, I left my previous career to launch Learn Reiki Philadelphia in 2008. Since then, I have had the opportunity to study multiple lineages of Reiki under various teachers and work with hundreds of clients and students with a diverse range of needs. In addition to Usui Reiki, I am a Master Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy, an Angelic healing practice that focuses oh healing the emotional pain that holds us back in life. In 2016 I unveiled The Stimpson Methods of Intuitive Reiki.

My approach is trauma informed and focused on the client’s goals, intentions & boundaries. I have found mind/body/spirit approaches to greatly enhance the quality and experience of life in numerous ways which leads me to view the healing arts not in opposition to science & medicine but rather as a compliment. During my twelve year career, I’ve seen methods including Reiki celebrated and integrated into aspects of Western healthcare, sports medicine and mental health and am excited to see what the future holds.

I chose to close my brick and mortar studio in Old City, Philadelphia, PA in June 2020. I did not feel in alignment with my integrity to hold group classes in the midst of the pandemic. At this difficult point in History, I know that Reiki can bring so much healing to so many. I also know that Reiki knows no limits beyond our own mind. This is what has encouraged me to bring classes online where they can benefit people when they are most needed. My hope is that despite being far apart, we can heal together.

In addition to my healing arts qualifications, my background as a business consultant in the biomedical field, years as a small business owner and tenure as Host/Producer of Healing Arts Radio adds practical, applicable elements to each mastership I lead. Whether or not you Identify as “intuitive”, your practice will be supported all along the way. All subjects included in my class are relevent, and all of the assignments offer practical experience that students find helpful. 

Have questions? Want to learn more? Call 267-571-WELL (and leave a message with callback number) or email Danielle@LearnReikiPhiladelphia.com to discuss this course with me directly.

Danielle is wonderful. I’ve done all of my Reiki training with her and am now a certified Reiki master. She is a great teacher and helps you find a path to healing that suits you.

-Becca Burnett

 Want to teach your organization, group or club about Reiki? I have spoken in front of groups large and small, and I have been interviewed for radio shows and podcasts dozens of times. Reach out by calling (267) 571-WELL or email me at learnreikiphiladelphia@gmail.com for availability.


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