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Reiki Master & Reiki Master Teacher Certifications

Practitioner (level 3) and teacher (level 4)

Becoming a Reiki Master or Reiki Master Teacher is a deeply fulfilling process that will enhance your life beyond the classroom.

Reiki Masters are qualified to open Reiki Healing practices and treat clients. Reiki Master Teachers are qualified to teach Reiki.

Learn Reiki Philadelphia’s online Reiki Master and Reiki master Teacher classes are convenient and can be taken online wherever you are most comfortable .  You won’t miss being in community with your class because Danielle Stimpson’s classes are held live via zoom and plenty of virtual hands on instruction is given.

reiki master

Pictured is Mikao Usui, founder and first teacher of Reiki Healing. We honor Mikao Usui by teaching his method of Reiki adapted for modern times by Danielle Stimpson. This class is available to students who studied elsewhere, regardless of lineage.

This Reiki Master certification class has flexible, online scheduling

Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher certification classes available as a weekend intensive or multi-week course.

Your tuition includes two passes for our Supervised Virtual Practice Sessions. In these sessions, Danielle will support & guide you (and a small group of students) to practice giving a session to a friend or loved one with whom you feel safe sharing close quarters. Choose someone from your quarantine crew (or mask up with a friend outdoors using the Zoom mobile app) and get the practice you need without any unnecessary exposure!


Teaching Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki

While times are indeed challenging, Reiki is not. In fact, Mikao Usui created the system that bears his name to make healing energy more accessible to everyday folks in early 1920s Japan during the Great Kanto Earthquake and the rise of Imperialism.

Our online Reiki classes are the perfect way to balance stress, empower yourself and support those you care about during this difficult time. We cannot wait to welcome you.

New dates TBA soon!

Why take a Reiki Master certification class with Learn Reiki Philadelphia and Danielle Stimpson

When you are ready to fully embody the principles of Reiki in your everyday life, it is time for Mastership. Danielle’s Reiki Master and Reiki Master Teacher programs are rooted in the original Reiki precepts and incorporates a host of relevant modern topics, giving you the framework to develop the competence, confidence and professionalism you need to succeed and grow. Whether your journey is strictly personal or geared towards beginning your own practice this is absolutely the class for you!

By popular request, Danielle has split her Reiki Mastership into two levels. Reiki Level 3 is for those who wish to complete their Reiki training and may want to practice professionally. Advanced healing techniques, client rapport and business topics are all covered at lenth in four classes that take place over one to two months. Reiki Level 4 is a three part class that guides you through all aspects of teaching Reiki to others, including preparation of teaching materials and best practices for effectively training students. Both courses are open to transfer students.

Many of the region’s most highly regarded Reiki practitioners are actually my grads! I’ve taught over seventy Reiki Masters over the last nine years. Most of my grads are in professional practice now and support one another as they achieve success. Be a part of a Reiki community dedicated to healing others and improving their communities and the planet!

reiki master practitioner Reiki level 3

Reiki Master Practitioner is Reiki Level 3.  This Reiki Certification can be taken on it’s own or with Reiki Master Teacher Level 4.

When you feel called to devote yourself to personal healing (and possibly that of helping others) you are ready for our Reiki Master Practitioner certification class. Our class offers the perfect balance of spiritual, intuitive & practical aspects to empower you along your path as an energy healer.

Togther, we’ll learn several unique Reiki healing techniques while you gain the professional knowledge you need to begin treating clients professionally with confidence. Prerequisite: Reiki 2. 

This class is available to students who studied elsewhere, regardless of lineage. This class consists of four seven hour long classes, several pre-recorded lectures and out-of-class assignments that take place over approximately five weeks.

Curriculum Includes:

  • Creating our individual self-standards and goals with the Precepts as our guide
  • Defining our commitment to ourselves, Reiki and our communities
  • Advanced Reiki methods for healing yourself and others
  • Exploring other healing modalities
  • Report on a book (or audio book) from a list of titles
  • Learning more about the Reiki system’s founders
  • Professional best practices including ethics, intake forms, pricing & scope of practice
  • Creating a safe space for healing including privacy, LGBT topics & hospitality 101

and much, much more! This class includes a certificate with raised seal.

ALSO REQUIRED: The Reiki Sourcebook and one other title from our current list, your choice.

$550, payable in installments. $150 deposit holds your space and is applied towards total tuition. Customized payment plans are available at no extra cost.

Reiki Master Teacher is Reiki Level 4. Learn to share the magic of Reiki by training others to heal themselves…and the World.

Choosing to become a Reiki Teacher is a very deep commitment to the integrity of this healing arts modality. Every student’s goals are unique and varied. Diversity among Reiki instructors builds a foundation for a thriving Reiki community. Learn Reiki Philadelphia’s  Reiki Master Instructor course is designed by Danielle Stimpson to help you become the best reiki teacher YOU are guided to be.

Danielle provides the support and practice you need to become an effective reiki teacher through individualized mentoring, optional student Reiki teaching, observation and event coordination. Reiki teaching supervision is modified to provide safety as we are socially distanced.

This practical Reiki Master Teacher course unfolds over three separate three hour classes and includes an additional three hours of one-on-one Reiki teacher mentoring, which you can use to help you prepare course materials and/or learn business practices. Ongoing support will be available once you graduate with your Reiki master Teacher certification as well. This course is appropriate for Reiki Master Practitioner graduates and long-time Reiki Masters who want more training before starting to teach.

In this course, you will craft a Reiki class that is engaging, enriching and all your own. Curriculum includes:

  • Preparation of your very own level one Reiki manual and syllabus with support and guidance
  • Best practices for teaching reiki to different styles of learners
  • Learning how to pass Reiki attunements
  • How to lead an effective and engaging  Reiki class and keep things on topic
  • Presenting an informative Reiki lesson to the class for practice teaching and feedback

Help others find their spark. Enroll today!

$400, payable in installments. $150 deposit holds your space and is applied towards total tuition. Payment plans are available at no extra cost and can span the length of the class. Up to half of total tuition may be earned through work exchange, by request. TRANSFER STUDENTS are welcome, prerequisite Reiki 3/Reiki Mastery.

Upcoming dates: ENROLLING SOON

Covid 19 Update:

Due to the ongoing health crisis, our Old City studio is closed. We will reopen in a new location when the pandemic (or our Nation’s response to it) allows. Danielle has partnered with Pierce Digital Creative to provide intimate, practical and effective online Reiki classes as we move through this challenging time together.

About the Instructor, Danielle Stimpson

My personal practice of Reiki has spanned twelve years and I have been in professional practice for ten. In that time, I have had the opportunity to study multiple lineages of Reiki under various teachers and work with hundreds of clients and students with a diverse range of needs. My background as a business consultant, years as a small business owner and tenure as Host/Producer of Healing Arts Radio adds practical, applicable elements to each mastership I lead.

In addition to Usui Reiki, I am a Master Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy, an Angelic healing practice that focuses oh healing the emotional pain that holds us back in life. In 2016 I unveiled The Stimpson Methods of Shamanic Reiki. Whether or not you Identify as “intuitive”, your practice will be supported all along the way. All subjects included in my class are relevant, and all of the assignments offer practical experience that students find helpful. 

Have questions? Want to learn more? call 267-571-WELL or email Danielle@LearnReikiPhiladelphia.com to discuss this course with me directly.

Danielle is wonderful. I’ve done all of my Reiki training with her and am now a certified Reiki master. She is a great teacher and helps you find a path to healing that suits you. 

-Becca Burnett

 Want to teach your organization, group or club about Reiki? I have spoken in front of groups large and small, and I have been interviewed for radio shows and podcasts dozens of times. Reach out by calling (267) 571-WELL or email me at learnreikiphiladelphia@gmail.com for availability.


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