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We’re an open, inclusive and warm space committed to healing, personal development and professional training. We also host a bevvy of well curated workshops that inspire the mind and awaken the soul.

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Reiki Shares (now online!)

Our Reiki share events are unique and based on the infinite availability of Reiki energy. At each share, a Reiki Master will explain the basics of energy work and guide everyone through group sessions. This is based on the Japanese practice of Shûchû, where energy is amplified by having several people focus healing intention all at once, allowing everyone to give and receive even without training. Everyone gets a session and leaves feeling uplifted and refreshed, no physical touch required!

Since everyone works together, we’re able to extend an invitation to the community on a “by contribution” basis, 100% of which goes to the hosting Reiki Master. It is an affordable and sustainable approach to community Reiki healing. We’re happy to host multiple shares every month, each hosted by a different Reiki Master, allowing the community to grow, connect and learn new perspectives. No experience of any kind is required, students of all lineages are welcome to join and practice, and contributions are purely optional. We hope that you will come out and enjoy one of these very special events soon!

“Danielle’s reiki share is an incredibly kind, restorative, welcoming gift and I look forward to not only attending more in the future, but also bringing along a friend or two. I wish everyone could experience this.” – Raquel S.

All shares are by contribution. Please use your best email address to sign up as that is where you’ll receive a zoom link to attend.

Our community is open, inclusive & friendly.

We're a safe and judgement free space and warmly welcome everyone. You won't be lectured about your diet, beliefs or way of life. We are LGBTQIA and handicapped friendly*.

Are you a presenter, group or provider seeking an accessible space for a small event, meeting or wellness service? We're happy to discuss partnering with you to provide better community access for those with mobility challenges. Contact Danielle directly at learnreikiphiladelphia (at) gmail (dot) com.

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