Danielle L. Stimpson: Reiki Master Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor, Intuitive

In 2005, Danielle discovered Reiki and never looked back.  Teaching since 2008, she has graduated hundreds of students including over sixty Reiki Masters. In 2014, she set up a location of her own in Center City Philadelphia and in 2017 relocated and expanded that practice to Historic Old City, Philadelphia. Learn Reiki Philadelphia now boasts several of the region’s best healers and teachers, several of whom studied Reiki and/or Integrated Energy Therapy under Danielle. Over the years she has expanded her menu of classes to include psychic development and most recently The Stimpson Methods of Shamanic Reiki. Danielle has also assisted with the training of volunteers in Philadelphia’s animal welfare system, volunteered as a practitioner to persons infected with/affected by HIV/AIDS at Philadelphia’s Siloam, hosted Healing Arts Radio.

Danielle has extensive personal experience providing care in hospice settings, which moved her to become involved and soon promoted to Assistant Organizer of the Philadelphia Death Cafe. In September of 2016, she was featured in  Natural Awakenings Magazine (page 11)  for building her practice in the face of adversity, including neuropathy likely caused by multiple sclerosis and PTSD caused by domestic violence. Danielle occasionally writes for other resources and blogs and was named Recovering Yogi’s Contributor of the Month in September 2012.  She was a featured author in the October 2012 issue of Bellesprit Magazine with a cover piece entitled “Leaves of the Ancestors”.

Danielle’s sessions are personalized and compassionate. When you choose Danielle as your teacher, you will experience small classes that are thoughtfully crafted for plenty of practice and self development. Danielle meets the needs of individual students that is personalized and supportive. No matter why you feel called to embrace the healing arts or what you do in your work-a-day life, you will feel at home and comfortable in one of Danielle’s classes. 

We have begun offering online memberships to maintain our tight knit community during COVID. Our Community Online Membership is a great (and affordable) way to remain a solid part of the Reiki Community while remaining safe and cozy in your home.  Our strength is our community. If the cost of even a community membership is a barrier we may be able to offer you a scholarship. 



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Don’t take my word for it - See what students and clients say about my services!

“Danielle is an attentive, talented teacher and practitioner. As a client and student, she is my go-to person for intuitive readings and Reiki courses. She has done an excellent job at creating a web of healers in the Philadelphia area that serve as an excellent support system. This is the best Reiki school near me. I would highly recommended her services!”

-Vanessa Hazzard, Author and Healing Arts Educator

“I have had the opportunity to learn Reiki 1 and 2 from Danielle over the last 2 years. Danielle is an amazing person. Her experience in Reiki and beyond makes her a very knowledgeable teacher and supportive guide through learning Reiki. In addition to her vast knowledge, she is a patient facilitator. If you are considering learning Reiki, absolutely work with Danielle. You will be very satisfied!”
-KD, Vineland, NJ


“Danielle is not only intuitive and brilliant, she has a way to guide you along your path instead of giving you the plan. I rank Danielle up there with some of the world’s best and is an integral part of my healing journey. Not only a teacher, friend, and healer, Danielle is the most giving of herself and her resources to others, making her an inspiration to me.”

-Stephanie Dodd, Founder of Hope Through Love


“Danielle is beyond amazing. Her healings are powerful but gentle. In her readings as well as a person, she helps get to the core of the matter by speaking her truth and helping you to find yours. She does this in a way that is articulate and knowledgeable but with a sense of humor too! She’s very down to earth and without a drop of the airy fairy pretentiousness that some ‘new age’ practitioners nowadays are sometimes stereotyped for. She’s the real deal.”

-Marilyn, NYC


“Danielle is a wonderful teacher and intuitive. She has taught me so much and has really opened my eyes to what my soul’s higher purpose really is. I am so grateful to have met Danielle and attribute the beginning of my spiritual journey to her teachings. She is truly an amazing spirit!”

-JD, Philadelphia


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