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Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy & Tarot Services in Philadelphia and Online with Danielle Stimpson

For 14 years, Danielle has been a trusted provider of energy healing & education. She is an Usui & Kundalini Reiki Master & Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Master-Instructor and adept Tarot reader.

Compassionate, down-to-Earth & trauma informed, Danielle’s approach is a breath of fresh air in the world of wellness  “woo”.  Whether you see her in Philadelphia or work with her over a distance through Zoom, you are certain to have an experience you won’t soon forget.


For the safety of our immune compromised guests masks (cloth or surgical) are required over mouth and nose for the duration of the service. You can cancel or reschedule your appointment up to 12 hours in advance for full refund or credit. Read all Cancellation & Health policies here.


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Reiki Sessions

Available over a distance or in our Fairmount, Philadelphia office

Founded by Mikao Usui in the 1920s, this unique method of energy (ki) healing is based on the concept that healing energy flows to and through all things. Practitioners can direct the flow of this energy, allowing the body, mind and spirit to come in to better balance.

Reiki can soothe frazzled nerves, bring clarity to a racing mind, allow your intuition to rise and help you feel recharged.

This etheric therapy is an increasingly popular complimentary service for chronic and acute issues impacting the physical body (injury, illness) as well as emotional challenges including stress, grief, trauma, sadness & heartbreak.

Because this energy transcends space and time, sessions can be performed over great distances with palpable impact. Your session includes time to chat about your intentions, goals and boundaries before and after

Distance Sessions: One hour $75, 90 minutes $100

In Person: One hour $110, 90 minutes $160 Session

Can also be combined with IET or a Tarot Reading


Integrated Energy Therapy distance healing session

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)

Available over a distance & in our Fairmount, Philadelphia office

IET is an angelic energy practice that helps us to release the emotional pain that can leave us feeling “stuck” or repeating unhealthy patterns. IET shines for mental/emotional and karmic wellbeing, allowing us to heal past pain without having to re-live, discuss or remember it.

Integrated Energy Therapy is a wonderful compliment to psychotherapy, particularly helpful for those struggling with depression, anxiety, grief, anger, intense stress and trauma including PTSD/CPTSD. Danielle is trauma informed and lives with CPTSD.

Receiving IET can help you see your future potential unburdened by your past pain. Despite the core Angelic principals, IET is free of religious dogma.

Distance Sessions: One hour $75, 90 minutes $100

In Person: One hour $110, 90 minutes $160 Session

Can also be combined with Reiki or a Tarot Reading

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Blended Reiki & IET Energy Healing Sessions

Available over a distance & in our Fairmount, Philadelphia office

If aspects of both of these energy healing services call to you, allow Danielle to weave them together in support of your goals.

As with her other services, you will have the opportunity to speak with Danielle before and after your session to ask any questions as well as share goals, intentions and boundaries.

Distance Sessions: One hour $75, 90 minutes $100

In Person: One hour $110, 90 minutes $160 Session

Can also be combined with a Tarot Reading

Danielle giving a tarot session




Online Tarot Readings

Available online and in our Fairmount, Philadelphia office when combined with an energy service

Danielle’s celebrated 1 hour Tarot readings go in depth and help you make the most of the forces at play. Her unique style combines classic tarot meanings, her own intuition, light scrying and a pendulum to bring wisdom forth in a way that is helpful and validating.

Available via Zoom. Sorry, only available in person when combined with a healing service

One Hour: $75

tarot cards, sage and amethyst


Energy Healing & Tarot Reading Package 

Available online & in our Fairmount, Philadelphia office

Insight and healing go hand in hand! A Reiki, IET or blended session (60 or 90 minutes) and a one hour Tarot card reading to help you feel better and move forward with confidence. A perfect way to mark a transition, new beginning, or “pivot”.

Over a Distance: with 60 minute session $130, with 90 min session $150

In Person: with 60 minute session $185, with 90 min session $220

distance learning online

Private Reiki Tutoring 

Available online via Zoom

As we continue working with Reiki we may develop new questions, find gaps in our knowledge or seek new perspectives. In this session, we'll work together to keep your journey moving forward.

Whether you studied with me or elsewhere, I'm honored to support you on your path. Due to Covid, this service is only available online for the time being.

One hour: $75

healing business coaching and mentorship

Healing Arts Business Coaching

Available online via Zoom

The World needs healing now more than ever! Whether you are just starting your practice or find yourself needing insight and solutions along the way, I am happy to help share the wisdom I have gained over 14 years of professional practice.

No matter your modality or where you studied, I'm excited to help you blossom! Important: this service is not, nor is it a replacement for, legal or accounting advice.

One hour $75

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We look forward to working with you!


Online Reiki Classes

Live weekend and weekday options to fit all schedules


reiki classes

Learn new ways to embrace your spiritual evolution, discover techniques to impact your own wellness and even learn career skills in my highly regarded online Reiki classes. Thoughtfully reformatted for online accessibility, Danielle’s 100% LIVE classes are small in size and big on information, practice and fun! Now no matter where you are in your life or in the World, you can learn this beautiful technique for self-care and helping others.

Ongoing support and practice are built right in. Upon completing a class with Danielle, you’re invited to her regular Reiki shares. Each includes a brief review, Q & A, guided self-session and trading distance Reiki sessions with another student. They are a wonderful way to keep learning, take care of yourself and meet great new folks at the same time! Shares are held on weekday evenings and weekends to suit just about everyone’s schedule, on Zoom and by optional contribution. Learn more about classes


Don’t take my word for it - See what students and clients say about my services!

“Danielle is an attentive, talented teacher and practitioner. As a client and student, she is my go-to person for intuitive readings and Reiki courses. She has done an excellent job at creating a web of healers in the Philadelphia area that serve as an excellent support system. This is the best Reiki school near me. I would highly recommended her services!”

-Vanessa Hazzard, Author and Healing Arts Educator

“I have had the opportunity to learn Reiki 1 and 2 from Danielle over the last 2 years. Danielle is an amazing person. Her experience in Reiki and beyond makes her a very knowledgeable teacher and supportive guide through learning Reiki. In addition to her vast knowledge, she is a patient facilitator. If you are considering learning Reiki, absolutely work with Danielle. You will be very satisfied!”
-KD, Vineland, NJ


“Danielle is not only intuitive and brilliant, she has a way to guide you along your path instead of giving you the plan. I rank Danielle up there with some of the world’s best and is an integral part of my healing journey. Not only a teacher, friend, and healer, Danielle is the most giving of herself and her resources to others, making her an inspiration to me.”

-Stephanie Dodd, Founder of Hope Through Love


“Danielle is beyond amazing. Her healings are powerful but gentle. In her readings as well as a person, she helps get to the core of the matter by speaking her truth and helping you to find yours. She does this in a way that is articulate and knowledgeable but with a sense of humor too! She’s very down to earth and without a drop of the airy fairy pretentiousness that some ‘new age’ practitioners nowadays are sometimes stereotyped for. She’s the real deal.”

-Marilyn, NYC


“Danielle is a wonderful teacher and intuitive. She has taught me so much and has really opened my eyes to what my soul’s higher purpose really is. I am so grateful to have met Danielle and attribute the beginning of my spiritual journey to her teachings. She is truly an amazing spirit!”

-JD, Philadelphia


Our business is open, inclusive & friendly.

Learn Reiki Philadelphia is a woman, LGBTQIA+ and handicapped owned business. We're a safe and judgement free business and warmly welcome everyone. Usui Reiki is an energy practice that can compliment your existing healthcare practices with no need to replace or alter them. Danielle holds a space of spiritual exploration free of dogmas and misinformation. You won't be lectured about your diet, medical conditions or beliefs. 

Are you a presenter, group or provider seeking an accessible space for a small event, meeting or wellness service? Send us a message using the form below.




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