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Now offering convenient online Reiki classes

Learn Reiki Philadelphia’s online Reiki classes are convenient and can be taken wherever you are most comfortable .  You won’t miss being in community with your class because Danielle Stimpson’s classes are held live via zoom and plenty of virtual hands on instruction is given.

Right now is the best time to get certified as a reiki master. During quarantine people need the healing energy of Reiki now more than ever. Because Reiki DOES work at a distance it’s the perfect socially distanced modality!

Online Classes and Workshops

Through Covid and beyond, we now provide an ever-growing catalog of web based certifications, classes and workshops. From multi-part LIVE courses to affordable workshops to download anytime, we have something for you! Danielle as well as many of our Graduates & colleagues will contribute resources you are sure to love. Online reiki  certification classes provide certification for reiki level 1, reiki level 2 and reiki master. You will receive a certificate of certification for each level.

Reiki (Traditional Usui Method ) Online Certification Classes

This Japanese energy practice supports well being of the body, mind and soul. Easy to learn and practice, Reiki is becoming an increasingly popular way to embrace one’s natural healing abilities. Online reiki classes provide certifications for reiki level 1, reiki level 2 and reiki master. You will receive a certificate of certification for each level.


Integrated Energy Therapy 

Angelic energy healing that focuses on releasing the emotional pain that holds us back. In IET, we work with Angels in a way that is transformational and free of religious dogma.

Shares, workshops & MeetUp Events 

Regular events open to all that are affordable, fun and healing.

Our new online membership programs

We are currently accepting members into our membership programs! We’re so excited to deliver a brand new online studio to you in your home. Click below to check out each of our very affordable options!

healing business coaching and mentorship

Community Online Membership – You’ll get forums, virtual shares, Q&A sessions, a place in the studio manifestation bowl and more. Click below to see all of the benefits of a community membership with Learn Reiki Philadelphia. $5.00 per month

healing business coaching and mentorship

Supporting Online Membership – Get even more perks. You’ll get eveything from our community membership like forums, virtual shares, Q&A sessions, a place in the studio manifestation bowl plus special classes and discounts. $15.00 per month

healing business coaching and mentorship

VIP Online Membership – You’ll get eveything from our community membership like forums, virtual shares, Q&A sessions, a place in the studio manifestation bowl plus everything from our supporting membership like special classes and discounts. PLUS  $60.00 per month

The healing arts truly are for everyone. We are a safe and judgment free space. What does that mean?

  • You won’t be lectured about your lifestyle, diet or beliefs
  • We are handicapped accessible*
  • We are LGBTQ friendly and happy to use your preferred pronouns
  • We are informed and experienced in supporting clients & students who have experienced trauma

*Have mobility issues? We can accomodate you, but PLEASE reach out ahead of time so we can assist you with the elevator and arrange our intimate space to support your comfort and needs. We’re happy to!

Learn more about Danielle or View Credentials: CV_daniellestimpson_12292015


Don’t take my word for it - See what students and clients say about my services!

“Danielle is an attentive, talented teacher and practitioner. As a client and student, she is my go-to person for intuitive readings and Reiki courses. She has done an excellent job at creating a web of healers in the Philadelphia area that serve as an excellent support system. This is the best Reiki school near me. I would highly recommended her services!”

-Vanessa Hazzard, Author & Healing Arts Educator

“I have had the opportunity to learn Reiki 1 and 2 from Danielle over the last 2 years. Danielle is an amazing person. Her experience in Reiki and beyond makes her a very knowledgeable teacher and supportive guide through learning Reiki. In addition to her vast knowledge, she is a patient facilitator. If you are considering learning Reiki, absolutely work with Danielle. You will be very satisfied!”
-KD, Vineland, NJ


“Danielle is not only intuitive and brilliant, she has a way to guide you along your path instead of giving you the plan. I rank Danielle up there with some of the world’s best and is an integral part of my healing journey. Not only a teacher, friend, and healer, Danielle is the most giving of herself and her resources to others, making her an inspiration to me.”
-Stephanie Dodd, Founder of Hope Through Love

“Danielle is beyond amazing. Her healings are powerful but gentle. In her readings as well as a person, she helps get to the core of the matter by speaking her truth and helping you to find yours. She does this in a way that is articulate and knowledgeable but with a sense of humor too! She’s very down to earth and without a drop of the airy fairy pretentiousness that some ‘new age’ practitioners nowadays are sometimes stereotyped for. She’s the real deal.”

-Marilyn, NYC


“Danielle is a wonderful teacher and intuitive. She has taught me so much and has really opened my eyes to what my soul’s higher purpose really is. I am so grateful to have met Danielle and attribute the beginning of my spiritual journey to her teachings. She is truly an amazing spirit!”

-JD, Philadelphia


Our community is open, inclusive & friendly.

We're a safe and judgement free space and warmly welcome everyone. You won't be lectured about your diet, beliefs or way of life. We are LGBTQIA and handicapped friendly*.

Are you a presenter, group or provider seeking an accessible space for a small event, meeting or wellness service? We're happy to discuss partnering with you to provide better community access for those with mobility challenges. Contact Danielle directly at learnreikiphiladelphia (at) gmail (dot) com.

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