Polychrome Jasper: The #1 Crystal To Enhance Your 2021 Glow Up

polychrome Jasper in palm of hand

Polychrome Jasper reignites your Soul’s passions, allowing you to lift yourself out of indifference and lethargy. It’s lively, positive energy stimulates motivation and self confidence in the face of feeling “stuck”. This beautifully multicolored stone from Madagascar is particularly helpful at renewing your sense of ambition following a major setback, including job loss, closure of a business, professional defeat or personal embarrassment. Allowing you to see a path forward, Polychrome Jasper helps you see even small steps as contributing to your ultimate future goal.

On a physical level, Polychrome Jasper is often associated with movement, joint health and supporting the extremities to move more readily. It is also associated with the Root Chakra and the astrological sign of Leo. Danielle finds this stone both grounding and invigorating, and often uses it to energize both the root and solar plexus chakras. She credits it with helping her to lift herself out of the pandemic blues after deciding to close our physical studio and embrace the shift to web-based wellness.

Haven’t heard of Polychrome Jasper before? You are not alone. It was discovered relatively recently, and as such it can be difficult to find information about it. Consider working with this crystal and sharing your experiences for the enrichment of us all!

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