Winds of Change Crystal Set


The special first release in Danielle’s NEW line of intention focused, Reiki charged crystal sets! Each sale will go to support Learn Reiki Philadelphia, a handicapped, LGBTQIA+ woman owned business in Philadelphia who’s brick and mortar has closed due to the pandemic. Our hope is that the Winds of Change can help us rebuild while also helping you to do the same. This new line combines the healing magic of crystals with the Spiritual wisdom of The Fool’s Journey, the parable on which the Tarot is based. Danielle’s explanations are straightforward, empowering even newbies to create the change they seek. Your purchase is deeply appreciated! The first 100 sets sold will include a free gift, intuitively selected just for you. Thank you for helping us weather the storm – we wish you peace and healing today and every day.  

This Reiki-Charged Crystal set was crafted by Danielle Stimpson to help you heal and move forward in the face of significant change. Following a loss that alters your future or challenges you to re-think who you are, this set of specially selected crystals provides support, insight, perspective and motivation while reminding you pause for solace when needed. These beautiful Earth allies are here to help you through challenging times such as divorce, life-altering illness or injury, loss of job, business, loved one or home and to help you manage your post-pandemic life.

This set includes:

Chrysoprase – encourages us to let go of expectations so we may better see the opportunities around us, particularly in times of chaos
Moonstone – excellent for healing karma, the “shadow self” & learning from the cycles of the Universe.
Petrified Wood – deeply grounding in times of change, helps you move past self pity to accept and embrace your new reality
Blue Calcite – works with the Heart and Throat chakras, helping you to understand and express your physical & emotional needs
Green Calcite – helps us create a renewed sense of balance, peace and calm even in emotional & empathetic overwhelm
Citrine – attracts resources (including money) while balancing logic & intuition for clear intention setting and sound decision making. Excellent for abundance, motivation and manifestation.

Tarot Affinities:

Challenges: This set is the ultimate healing ally for moments represented by the tarot cards The Tower and The Moon, and to a lesser degree Death, 6 of Swords and 8 of Cups. If you want to make the most of The Wheel of Fortune or seek to move past habits, patterns or elements associated with The Devil card this set is quite potent.

Healing Magic: This set has a significant affinity with The High Priestess. She is the “yin” (feminine, passive) embodiment of her consort, the Magician. Where he brings mastery of will and action, she provides wisdom of the cycles and Universal forces at play, helping you to best understand the greater implications of changes you are making at this time. Often in the Western world we see progress as a linear path-to “do, do, do!” until our will is seen through. The lesson the High Priestess brings us is that not only was Rome not built in a day, but that nothing worth standing should be. With her mastery of the cycles of Heaven and Earth, she teaches us how to harmonize our actions with these forces for greater impact and healing. When to act, when to rest. When to feel, when to ‘do’. When to speak, when to shout, and perhaps most importantly when to listen. Through the cyclial nature of working with the High Priestess, we give ourselves the opportunity to “feel” our way there, learning to trust our senses and build a future not just out of will but out of highest purpose, balance and healthy interdependance. When we push forward and find that timing does not seem to line up with our wishes, she offers the wisdom that it is our wishes that are out of sync with time or that a better way forward may be closer than we think. Additionally, she helps ground the fear of momentary inaction that allows us to pause and take a meaningful inventory of where we are going, why we’re headed that way, and if there is healing we’re best to integrate before our next steps.

Each stone comes with it’s own protective bag and a brief printed guide on their meanings & how to begin working with them. This makes a great gift for yourself or someone you care about.


In stock (can be backordered)


Each crystal comes in it’s own labeled, protective bag so you can tell them apart and keep them safe. They are all cleared of unwanted energy and charged with Reiki. Your pieces will be chosen intuitively, just for you! Expect size, shape and color to vary somewhat from the picture.


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