Black Tourmaline: A Protective Stone

Dalmatian Jasper

Black Tourmaline is an exceptional stone for energetic, spiritual and physical protection. 

Black tourmaline is perfect for empaths, sensitives and those who find themselves overwhelmed or surrounded by negative energy. It repels these energies, providing protection. Black tourmaline is a great choice for entryways to your home, to keep in your bag while travelling or to carry with you anytime you want to strengthen your energetic boundaries. Helps guard against psychic attacks, and is a great choice for tarot readers & energy healers.

This stone is also super grounding! If you are feeling slightly disconnected, wear it as a necklace, hold it in your palm or keep a piece in your pocket.

This is a perfect crystal to keep handy in a low-vibe or toxic work environment. Many also use this stone to protect from electromagnetic fields that you might find draining or otherwise unbalancing. If an electronic device makes you feel tired or cranky, or if you live or work near high tension lines, computer servers or fluorescent lighting, place a piece of black tourmaline (or as much as you need) in the area-you’ll notice a difference quickly! Black tourmaline should be cleansed regularly. Place it on or near salt or selenite for a few hours or overnight every so often to keep it working optimally.

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