September Tarot Readings for All 12 Signs

This month brings a lot of opportunity to reflect and make changes that will have a positive impact on our immediate and long term futures. My insights will help you make the most of it. These are general readings, and I suggest checking out your SUN, RISING and MOON signs for the most complete picture of your month ahead. You can find these videos on my YouTube Channel hereĀ 

I’ve taken the astrology of this month in to consideration when developing this month’s Tarot spread to make these insights as helpful as possible.

Want to learn more about this spread? I’ve made you a handy guide that you can download as a PDF here: September 2022 Tarot Spread by Danielle Stimpson

I wish you the very best of everything this month. Be well! – Danielle

Tarot decks used this month: The Fountain Tarot and The Tarot of Dreams (contains affiliate links)

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