3 Extraordinary Healing Gifts of Yellow Calcite

yellow calcite rough stone

Associated with the solar plexus chakra, Yellow Calcite radiates sunny support to boost your self confidence and see your inner gifts and talents. The “let your light shine” stone, this healing crystal encourages you to follow your heart and share all that you have to offer with the world around you.

Three extraordinary healing gifts of Yellow Calcite include:

  • Provides encouragement as you make positive changes in your life, particularly if those around you are unsupportive
  • Strengthens your sense of self, which can support healthy boundaries and better relationships
  • Releases the need for approval and validation of others, allowing you to set goals and priorities based on your own desires

Additionally, it can amplify the energy of remote healing, including the practice of sending Reiki over a distance. This crystal makes an excellent gift or healing ally for the “talented yet timid” so they can see themselves with all the positive self-attributes they tend to overlook.

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