Crystal for Self-Care & Soul Purpose: Amazonite!

Amazonite is an excellent stone to have at your side when feeling lost in life. If you find yourself questioning your purpose, feel unable to reach an important milestone or are feeling unfulfilled. With it’s heart-focused energy, it’s the perfect crystal for self-care as it allows you to take pride in your contributions and see yourself as the worthy gem you are! This can set the stage for a transition to new, more spiritually aligned goals in career, community & relationships.

Often called “the caretaker’s stone”, amazonite reminds even those most inclined to nurturing others that they are deserving of the same tender, loving care they provide. It imbues self-respect, encourages asking for and accepting help and aids the prioritization of self-care. The healthy balance this creates can help to prevent & alleviate burn out.

Because crystal and energy methods can compliment modern medicine/therapies without interference, I never recommend using them “in place of” anything else. The energy of amazonite is thought to positively impact neurological function, the spine and the spinal nerves. Participants in Community Distance Reiki have given helpful feedback in cases of spinal stenosis, sciatica, recovering from spinal surgery & generalized back pain. Whether to aid in chronic pain or recovery from surgery, amazonite makes a wonderful healing ally and gift.

With it’s Light blue/green with white stripes, amazonite brings light into the cracks of a broken heart especially when caused by the loss of a loved one or grieving “what could have been”. Because of this, it is deeply healing for divorce, closure of a business or the loss of a home or cherished pet.

Amazonite helps to reconcile past efforts and unmet goals, it can be invaluable during life-altering illness or injury and end of life transitions. Danielle considers this stone a beautiful gift and healing ally for those in Hospice, their caretakers, family & friends. Also a wonderful all-purpose stone for those tender hearted folks that empathize with the grief of others.

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