Celestite for Meditation, Angels & Guides, Psychic Intuition


Celestite Crystal Meaning

A high vibrational crystal, it works with the Crown, Third Eye and Throat chakras to enhance spiritual connection and calm a chattering mind. Whether you are new to meditation or are a seasoned psychic medium, this baby blue gem can help you to glean more clarity and wisdom from your intuitive pursuits.

Celestite makes our natural intuition and psychic abilities more accessible by gently empowering the energy centers most aligned with our Spirit Guides, Angels and the Higher Self. Just keeping some nearby while meditating, working with Tarot / oracle cards or practicing Yoga can take your experience to new heights.

For energy healers, it can provide you with greater guidance during sessions. Danielle finds this especially true with Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), a channeled Angelic energy healing that can be highly customized with intuitive feedback.

While opening to intuition can be overwhelming at times, Celestite is at once empowering and gentle. This is an excellent stone to hone your gifts at a healthy pace and better understand the messages you receive along the way.

This heavenly crystal has a calming effect on the mind and is excellent for general and performance-related anxieties including stage fright. If you find your mind looping a bad experience or expectation on repeat (as is often experienced in ADHD and PTSD) this stone is excellent at disrupting the cycle.

Works exceptionally well with Angelite, Kyanite, Kambaba Stone and Selenite

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Fun fact: Celestite, when allowed to mature in the Earth under the correct circumstances, will later form in to Angelite!

Your stone will be chosen for you intuitively. Shape, size and color variations should be expected. 



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