Kambaba Stone to Intensify Mental Focus & Ancestral Connection


Kambaba Stone (often called Kambaba Jasper) is an excellent stone for ancestor connection as it can help you connect to the energy of the physical place of your ancestors and can even stand in for ancestors in crystal grids or on an altar. Kambaba stone enriches mental focus especially finding patterns, clues, small mistakes and even associations. This makes Kambaba a great ally for data analysis, codeing, detective work, accounting, scientific & medical research and even learning new languages & to play musical instruments.

Often called Kambaba Jasper, this stone is not a member of the Jasper family but is actually fossilized algae. It is sometimes used to increase yields of farming & gardening, which is interesting given that the “manna” mentioned in the book of Exodus, said to have sustained the Israelites for 40 years, is theorized to have been an algae.

Kambaba stone helps to translate artistic concepts, music and ideas into a physical form. In this way, it can help you to bring visions, dreams, thoughts & ideas into creation. A unique and often overlooked stone, it has a vast array of specialties and makes a very versatile addition to your healing crystal collection. Give this fascinating specimen a go and see where it takes you!

You may also enjoy working with Indigo Gabbro and Black Onyx.

Your stone will be chosen intuitively. The natural shape, size and color of each stone vary.

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In addition to the qualities listed above, Kambaba stone is also associated with the astrological signs of Libra and Pisces.

Each piece comes cleared of unwanted energy and filled with Reiki. Your piece will be chosen intuitively. Expect size, shape and color to vary.


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