Nuummite for Mystical Illumination & Protection


Nuummite Crystal Meaning

Nuummite’s mystical properties are at once illuminating, protecting and incredibly grounding. At nearly 4 Billion years in age, it is one of the oldest crystals in the world! It’s Earthy expertise helps us to gain a much deeper understanding of  the our spiritual lessons, ultimately allowing us to better synthesize them into action.

This is an excellent ally for situations of knowing what you need and want to do, yet have difficulty taking the steps needed to bring things into action. Empowering and reassuring, it helps synthesize spiritual guidance into worldly action. Nuummite is an ultra ancient treasure that can assist us in removing the energetic blockages we have put in our own way, freeing us to move forward with our Soul’s purpose.

Nuummite is considered a rare crystal as it is only mined in Greenland for a few months of the year. It’s dark color with hints of labradorescense (areas of iridescence that, like labradorite, reflect light differently when held at an angle) is thought to help one bridge the gaps between ours and the Spiritual realms. Just as light may seem to suddenly flash from this black beauty so too do seemingly sudden insights and inspirations.

In addition to balancing Crown and Root chakras, nuummite has long been revered as a highly protective stone that can be worn, carried, placed in a space like a home or office, or with one’s spiritual tools (Tarot cards, etc) to keep them clear of negative energy. It can be used to clear one’s energy field, making it particularly useful for energy healers, Reiki masters, empaths and those who often travel.

As one of the lesser known healing crystals, we’re excited to have the opportunity to make it available to you. We know that you’ll find nuummite to be a powerful and deeply transformative crystal teacher!

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Your stone will be chosen for you intuitively. Shape, size and color variations should be expected. 

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Nuummite is seldom used in crystal healing due only to it’s relative rarity. The impact and versatility of this Billions year old stone are unparalleled, making it a must have for Reiki & crystal healers, intuitives, readers & psychic mediums.

Each piece comes cleared of unwanted energy and filled with Reiki. Your piece will be chosen intuitively. Expect size, shape and color to vary.


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