Dalmatian Jasper for Clearing the Aura & Calming the Mind


Dalmatian Jasper Healing Crystal Meaning

a ‘must have’ for Reiki practitioners, crystal healers and empaths! Those fun black freckles are black tourmaline, making this an excellent stone to cleanse the aura and keep low energy at bay. The Jasper itself provides an earthy calm that, when combined, create an all purpose grounding and clearing stone perfect for any occasion.

This lovely stone brings joy to the balance of logic and intuition. It helps the overly analytical mind to calm, allowing the spiritual mind to engage and expand. In this way, it can be an excellent crystal for meditation, particularly for folks who have a hard time letting go of their logical mind when doing so.

At Learn Reiki Philadelphia, Danielle often uses several pieces to clear the aura of a client during a session. Because it keeps the energy field clear while supporting logic & intuitive balance, she also recommends this stone for nurses and EMTs. For many of the same reasons, this protective, clarifying stone is a wonderful gift for any sensitive who is in the hospital or inpatient rehabilitation center.

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Please note: Our current stock of Dalmatian Jasper is tumbled and each piece is roughly the size of or just smaller than a US Quarter. As these beauties are each a tad smaller than our last batch, they are on sale until sold out.

Because we purchase the majority of our stones in a unique way-secondary to the Jewelry trade-one batch is often quite different to the last.

The benefit this provides is less overall waste-these specimens were not mined for direct retail sale, but rather deemed too small or poorly shaped for carving into someone’s desired final product. The result is usually higher quality stones at a much better price for you while being slightly more eco friendly.

Thank you for supporting our little Woman owned shop!

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In addition to the qualities listed above, Dalmatian Jasper is associated with the astrological signs of Virgo and Gemini and comes in a wide variety of colors-most commonly white with black spots.

Your stones will be selected intuitively, and will be cleared of unwanted energy & charged with Reiki. Images are examples only, expect natural variations in size, shape and color to appear. 


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