Selenite to Increase Psychic Connection & Clear Energy (5″ Wands)


The Magic of Selenite

Selenite reflects pure white light no matter the source both physically and spiritually. As such, it is incredibly helpful with clearing unwanted energies in your auric field as well as that of crystals, Tarot cards and so much more. Powerful and versatile, it’s a must have for Reiki healers, energy practitioners, readers, intuitives and empaths alike.

Deeply connected with the Moon (which itself reflects, but does not create, it’s own light) Selenite can be an exceptional tool for those engaged in magical or healing work aligned with lunar cycles; be it wise woman traditions, astrology, western neopagan practices or themes connected to the Tarot cards the Moon & the High Priestess.

To clear the energy of yourself or a client, hold the wand above the head and move downward around all sides of the body. The etheric white glow that results from light hitting it’s surface will help gently dislodge energetic impurities.  This will help clear the aura (energy field that surrounds the body) as well as the crown and third eye chakras.

A potent tool for psychic ability, selenite can facilitate deeper connection with Spirit Guides, Angels & Ancestors and assist dream recall and past life awareness. It can also help us to relay intuitive messages to others with clarity. If you work with the Tarot, Mediumship or Astrology, this stone is absolutely indispensable!

Clearing & recharging the energy of physical items is a breeze. For items such as crystals, cards & pendulums place the item in direct contact with a piece of selenite. If done immediately after each use, this method can clear healing crystals in as little as 2-3 hours; when done occasionally 1-3 weeks. Danielle leaves a piece with her cards & pendulum at all times.

Placing some opposite the feet of a Reiki clients (across from the foot of a massage table for example) can help clear any energy they release. Consider adding a piece to your entryway or on your windowsill to gently clear the energies that enter your home.

Selenite itself seldom if ever requires clearing though it is important to mention: DO NOT use water on or attempt to wash selenite. It is extremely soft, and will tend to break down. This powerful yet fragile healing crystal recharges beautifully in the light of a full moon. You can also use sage smoke or dry sea salt.

You may also enjoy working with Black Tourmaline, Moonstone and Angelite.

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Your piece will be chosen intuitively. The natural shape, size and color of each stone vary somewhat.

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In addition to the qualities listed above, Selenite is a healing crystal associated with the astrological sign of Cancer.

Each piece comes cleared of unwanted energy and filled with Reiki. Your piece will be chosen intuitively. Expect size, shape and color to vary.


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