As the name would suggest, Angelite helps us to more easily connect to and work with our angels. It allows you to raise your consciousness, expand your crown chakra, and reach higher realms and frequencies. This is a loving, expansive stone that reminds us we are not alone in the Universe, but surrounded by unconditional love. Angelite encourages kindness and helps transmute prejudice and hate. In situations where backstabbing, infighting and cliquishness arise, Angelite provides support by lifting the overall energy and supporting all in it’s vicinity to be reminded of their true spiritual nature.

Strongly associated with sound healing, this can be an exceptional stone to keep nearby when performing or receiving such work as it allows the etheric and physical body to more easily accept the healing vibrations these modalities provide. In addition to opening us up to higher realms, Angelite provides a field of spiritual protection and transmutes limited beliefs that can cause us to feel separate from Source. This can be an excellent choice to place in the room of a child with night terrors (of course, out of reach as it presents a choking hazard).

Your piece will be chosen intuitively. Please expect some variation in color, size and shape. 

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