Blue Sapphire for Intense Spiritual & Psychic Expansion


Sapphire Crystal Healing Properties

Blue Sapphire aids you to expand your spirituality and open to your psychic gifts. This beloved crystal strengthens your internal sense of trust and opens the third eye chakra, making it easier to connect with and listen to your intuition and in particular your Angels and Spirit Guides.

A superb ally or gift for practitioners of Reiki, Angelic energy or Sound Healing, it can help deepen our capacity to channel energy. As it aids you in enacting your Soul’s purpose, it can be particularly helpful in Integrated Energy Therapy sessions.

Spending time with this powerful blue crystal can expand your spiritual energy in dramatic and intense ways which you may find “ungrounding”. Danielle recommends working with some grounding stones, including black onyx, red jasper, tiger eye and black tourmaline to help balance these effects.

Interestingly enough, these are the natural and uncut shapes that sapphire forms in nature. We hope that you enjoy the beauty of these raw, untumbled gems.

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Your stone will be chosen intuitively. Variations in size, shape and color can be expected. 


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