Rutilated Quartz, Powerful All-Purpose Healing Crystal


Rutilated Quartz Crystal Meaning

This powerful and versatile crystal is an absolute must have for healers and empaths. It’s properties are thought to aid physical, mental/emotional and intuitive wellbeing as well as fertility.

The fine inclusions of rutile that seem to float within the quartz help direct healing energy exactly where it is most needed physically and mentally. This makes it indispensable to energy healers who treat a wide array of clients and for intuitives and empaths have trouble grounding or shaking the “brain fog” following spiritual work.

If you’ve recently moved into, cleared or rearranged a space rutilated quartz can aid in re-establishing the energy. In this way, it can make a wonderful home or office-warming gift alone or along with sage, rosemary or salt.

This striking crystal helps us to make better sense of our life experiences, allowing us to glean wisdom and perspective. As such, it’s an excellent choice for times of deep reflection, soul searching and even while undergoing psychotherapy.

A “stay well, get better” stone, rutilated quartz is often used to help regenerate physical vitality and strength after an illness and to bolster the immune system to keep illness at bay.

It’s also an incredibly popular stone for those looking to expand their family and/or undergoing fertility treatments.

Works well to heal and balance all chakras.

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Fun fact: Rutiles can occur in any type of quartz. Join us for our next Community Distance Reiki and ask Danielle to show you her rutilated smoky quartz point!

Your stone will be chosen for you intuitively. Color variations vary greatly with this crystal and should be expected. 



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