Clear Quartz Crystal Points for Moving Energy & Manifesting


Clear Quartz Crystal Points Healing Properties

A very adaptable stone that can amplify energy healing, empower crystal grids and so much more.  Many Reiki Masters – and certainly all crystal healers – have at least a handful of these in their toolkit with good reason. The magical properties are pretty much endless!

What are clear quartz points used for?

If you want to work with the energy of a specific crystal but don’t have it, Clear Quartz crystal points can act as a stand-in. Simply hold the crystal in your hands for several moments and state the following or something similar “I wish this crystal to embody the healing properties of (name of crystal).” Continue to hold the crystal for several moments more, and of you practice energy healing you can add that too. The crystal is now ready to use!

In much the same way, you can “program” clear quartz crystals for special purposes. This allows you to make it your own “amulet” with endless possibilities, like healing, protection, manifestation and so much more.

If you would like to amplify the healing potential of a specific crystal or stone, place it on or near Clear Quartz while you work with it. If an area on the body is holding a lot of “stuck” or unbalanced energy, place crystals around this area pointing away. Conversely, if an area is depleted or needs healing energy focused there, point the crystals towards the area.

Clear quartz crystal points are used similarly in crystal grids. To fill a room or home with the healing vibrations of the stones used, place some points facing outward. Another technique would be to face the crystals inward towards the grid of stones with a sphere, cluster, obelisk, pyramid or other intentional shape to move the energy accordingly.

What chakra is clear quartz best for?

All of them, especially the crown. Combine with other crystals to focus your intentions on a specific chakra or chakras.

The possibilities of these beautiful Earth allies are endless. Order some and start exploring today!

Photos are examples only. Please expect natural variations in size, shape and clarity.

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How can I learn more about crystal grids?

Join Danielle for a live crystal grid & distance Reiki session five times a week on your YouTube Channel. It’s a fun, interactive way to experience crystal healing. You can even request a specific stone or healing intention in the live chat!

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These Clear quartz crystal points are naturally formed, not cut or shaped by human hands and/or tools.

Size, shape and clarity of each piece vary greatly. Please note the approximate size in the images. 


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