Pyrite to Amplify Money Manifesting, Intuition & Protection


Pyrite Meaning

Also known as “Fool’s Gold”, Pyrite is a metallic mineral with many spiritual properties. From attracting money to protection to intuition, it ads a lot of versatility to your crystal collection and is a must-have for Reiki practitioners.

This stone is typically seen as an omen of financial abundance and windfalls of money. Often found near deposits of gold it is thought to “attract” the real stuff…and anything else you desire. It’s a well celebrated manifestation booster that deserves a place on your crystal grid or altar.

At once, pyrite both strengthens intuition and provides spiritual protection. This makes it an exceptional choice for those new to working with their intuitive abilities and for any space that hosts such work.

This lustrous beauty is lauded for many potential healing benefits. It is credited with supporting the lungs, easing general inflammation & fevers and is often thought to aid information recall and overall memory function.

Pyrite is also credited with aiding the body to make best use of Reiki energy during a session. This versatile golden beauty is associated with the Solar Plexus & Root Chakras and the astrological sign of Leo.

*An important note about our Pyrite: Typically, this crystal is processed using acid baths to improve luster and prevent tarnishing. Our specimens are unprocessed which uses less chemicals, saves a considerable amount of clean water and lowers the price we pass along to you. As a result, you may notice some slight tarnishing over time. A simple soap and water scrub-the same method we used to tidy these up for you-will take care of that if needed.

To see the size of these crystals simply toggle through the images to see them next to a US Quarter coin. The larger are the individual specimens, the smaller are what you find in the grid making packs.

If this stone sounds like a great fit, you may also enjoy Black Onyx, Black Tourmaline and Blue Kyanite.

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Your stone will be chosen for you intuitively cleared of all unwanted energies and charged with Reiki. Shape, size and color variations should be expected. 



Pyrite is also associated with the astrological sign of Leo.

Each piece comes cleared of unwanted energy and filled with Reiki. Your piece will be chosen intuitively. Expect size, shape and color to vary.

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