Petrified Wood for Difficult Change & Ancestral Connection


Petrified Wood Healing Properties

Petrified wood is not a crystal, but the remnants of trees that have turned to stone over time. This wise specimen has so much to teach us! It is exceptional for coming to terms with change, connecting with ancient wisdom & working to protect and conserve nature.

If physical injury or illness leave you stuck asking “why me?” petrified wood can help you move past this while working to accept your new reality. This makes it an excellent gift for someone facing physical rehabilitation, occupational therapy or adjusting to a new disability. It can also help one move through sudden loss including house fire or flood.

This natural beauty can be a phenomenal ally for past life healing, ancestor work and learning ancient healing practices. Petrified wood helps to heal deep seated fears around survival and is helpful for survivors of childhood neglect & famine. It is especially helpful to aid these traumas when they arise through ancestral healing.

Petrified Wood is also included in our Winds of Change crystal set.

The color, shape and size of individual pieces vary greatly. Yours will be chosen intuitively, cleansed of unwanted energy & charged with Reiki.

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In addition to the qualities listed above, this ancient ally is associated with the astrological sign of Virgo and the planets Earth and Saturn.

Your piece will be chosen intuitively, free of unwanted energies and charged with Reiki. Please expect some variation in color, size and shape. 



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