Chevron Amethyst to Empower Divine Connection


In addition to the properties Amethyst is traditionally celebrated for, the pyramidal “chevron” bands of white empower connection to Spirit. Chevron Amethyst is an exceptional crystal ally for channeling, enhancing intuitive & psychic abilities, shamanic journeying and connecting to your Angels and Guides.

When chevron amethyst appears as a natural or human-carved point or generator stone, it can be used to send the energy of a manifestation or crystal grid up to the Spirit realms. Place this point on top of your vision board, manifestation list or inside your IET blessing bowl to help send the energy up. Danielle suggests placing a chevron amethyst quartz point atop your Tarot or oracle cards to help connect and attune it to high-level spiritual guidance. *Please note the small size of these points in the picture gallery

Your piece will be chosen intuitively. Exact color, clarity, size and pattern will vary, and individual stoned pictured may no longer be available..

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In addition to the qualities listed above, Chevron Amethyst is recommended for all astrological signs and makes a thoughtful gift for the energy healer or crystal fan in your life!

Your piece will be chosen intuitively, will be free of unwanted energy and Reiki charged. Exact color, clarity, size and pattern will vary.


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