Shungite for Stress Relief, Purification & Physical Healing


Shungite Metaphysical Properties

This potent and multipurpose healing stone aids the healing body, reduces stress, relieves emotional pain, clears the energy field & protects against the impact of EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) in those sensitive to them.

Thought to aid tissue repair, this crystal makes a perfect ally for anyone recovering from injury or surgery. It can be an especially meaningful gift to anyone on the road to recovery, especially if they are in a hospital or rehabilitation facility.

If being close to certain electronics, machinery or power infrastructure leaves you feeling dizzy, nauseated, tired or irritable you may be sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). Keeping a piece close to you in such circumstances can help alleviate these symptoms.

As above, so below! Shungite is often used to filter contaminants from water and may be a constituent in your home water filtration system*. Energetically it works much the same way, helping to purify your energy field when worn, held or kept nearby. Thankfully, it is gentle enough to place near your bed or under your pillow to work it’s magic while you rest.

When it comes to releasing stress and processing emotional pain, shungite really comes into it’s own. Keep a piece at your desk, in your car or anywhere you feel it’s presence can benefit you.

To learn more about Shungite’s energy clearing properties check out Danielle’s recent YouTube Video.

For physical healing and recovery, also consider Rutilated Quartz. For energy clearing, check out Black Tourmaline or Selenite.

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*These pieces have not been handled in a food safe manner. We do not recommend placing these specific pieces in water or with food intended for ingestion.

Each piece comes cleared of unwanted energy and filled with Reiki. Your piece will be chosen intuitively. Expect size, shape and color inclusions to vary.

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