Aventurine is an excellent stone to help someone with a tender heart to build confidence. Balancing the heart and solar plexus chakras, Aventurine helps you to expand your vision of your own potential. This is an excellent crystal for building self-esteem and is especially helpful for those who experienced negative conditioning or even verbal abuse in childhood. With Aventurine, we feel empowered to act on the guidance of our heart. If you seek to balance masculine and feminine energies, Aventurine is a wonderful crystal to carry or wear daily  This stone is gentle yet empowering, and makes a great gift even for those who are new to crystals.


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In addition to the qualities listed above, green aventurine is associated with the asrological sign of Gemini, the planet Mercury and the Archanel Anael.

Your piece will be chosen intuitively and size, shape and exact color will vary. It will come in a labelled cotton bag, will be clear of unwanted energy and charged with Reiki.



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