Crystal Points (Obelisks) for Directing Energy


Polished Obelisk Crystal Points

The striking beauty and intrinsic power of the obelisk comes to us from the Ancient Egyptians who used it to recognize places of significant importance. In modern times, we often hear them called “generator stones” or “generator crystals”, placed in the middle of a crystal grid, vision board or blessing bowl to direct the energy up and out to the Universe. In much the same way, this technique can be used to amplify a request, intention, affirmation or manifestation.

This sleek, flat bottomed shape is also quite popular for another reason: it’s well suited to showcase the natural beauty of a stone. Polished obelisks can be a visually stunning adornment placed anywhere from your altar to your desk to your mantle, and bring an undeniable energetic quality wherever they go.

I’m proud to bring you this hand picked limited selection of small and medium sized obelisks for the Holiday 2021 / New Year 2022 shopping season.

Rose Quartz – The beloved Heart Chakra stone brings unconditional love and can help open the heart to romance, optimism & creativity. It’s an excellent stone for forgiveness, stress reduction and to soothe grief. See more…

Cherry Blossom Agate – As the “blooming” spots suggest, this stone is thought to help you “bloom again” after difficulty, loss or trauma. While it works primarily with the heart, it also clears and supports the Solar Plexus chakra to help you to redefine yourself based on a new reality. It is also helpful for releasing anger & resentment.

Green Calcite – Helps us create a renewed sense of balance, peace and calm even in emotional & empathetic overwhelm. Excellent for empaths and those who struggle with anxiety. Learn more…

Smoky Quartz – Considered highly protective and excellent at dissipating negative energy, especially during spiritual work. It’s thought to help open the energy pathways of the hands when performing energy healing such as Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy.

Tiger Eye – A highly protective stone that aids in perception and discerning the truth in even the most complex and convoluted of circumstances. Balances the root chakra, feelings of fear and can assist in energetic grounding after meditation, energy healing/Reiki and intuitive work. See more…

Labradorite – Often called “the researcher’s stone”. Labradorite helps your analytic abilities by boosting and balancing your intellect and intuition. It can also inspire you to see vantage points you may have missed, and keeps ou from dismissing your ‘gut’ senses. Associated with the Tarot card The Magician.

Tourmalated / Tourmalinated Quartz – Streaks of black tourmaline with quartz (usually, though not always white) formed around it. This can help root out deeply held negativity. In Chinese medicine, it is thought to restore yin/yang balance. It is often used to aid in sleeping difficulties. You may also enjoy black tourmaline

Clear quartz – A powerful “blank slate” that directs your energy & intentions with utmost clarity. Can be ‘programmed” with a specific intention or for a specific use, i.e. purging negative energy, directing healing energy, etc. Can also be used to strengthen the energy of or in place of other crystals.

Amethyst – In addition to being February’s Birthstone, Amethyst is a wonderful stone creating love and respect for yourself. Incredible for self-improvement, it’s a wonderful choice if you are working through a compulsion, addiction, bad habit or behavior pattern. If you like Amethyst, don’t miss out on these mini points, chevron points or raw amethyst pieces.

Lapis (from Chile) – A popular modern go-to to balance and empower psychic abilities, Lapis Lazuli has long been associated with wisdom, loyalty and integrity. In the oldest known medical text The Papyrus Ebers, Lapis is treasured in helping problems with the eyes.

Dragon’s Blood (aka dragonstone) – An optimistic and happy stone that can bring peace and support, particularly in times of grief. Helps you to turn the page of life’s next chapter after a loss that causes regret or embarrassment

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All obelisks are flat on the bottom and can stand on their own, making them a beautiful and thoughtful gift. 

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Cherry Blossom (Flower) Agate, Clear Quartz Crystal, Dragon's Blood, Green Calcite, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Tiger Eye, Tourmalinated Quartz


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