Tree Agate, The Sacred Ayurvedic Stone of Harmony


Tree Agate Spiritual Properties

Tree Agate is considered sacred in Ayurveda, this sister science to Yoga. In this system, it is thought that energy moves throughout the body in a system of channels called the nadis. It is believed to clear these pathways as well as the chakras while also aiding in emotional healing, growth and development.

This revered green and white crystal calms both emotional and physical nerves. With it’s delicate energy, it allows us to reclaim our connection to the rhythms of nature.

Tree Agate is often relied upon to help dissolve the ego and create a path for optimal inner peace. This versatile ally can help us to notice, heal and leave behind negative patterns once and for all. Reiki Masters & advanced practitioners may find this crystal complimentary when using the Mental/Emotional symbol.

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Please note that Tree Agate can form in a wide variety of greens and whites. Your stone will be chosen intuitively, and may or may not look like the specimens pictured here.

Color variations vary greatly with this crystal and should be expected. 



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