Fuchsite for Play, Inner Child Healing, and the Heart Chakra


Fuchsite Crystal Properties


Fuchsite is the ultimate “fun” stone, allowing all in it’s presence to simply put work aside and embrace their childlike nature. Reconnecting with simple joys can renew mind and spirit, aid in stress management and serve as a gateway to profound inner healing.

This crystal is especially helpful for psychotherapists and anyone currently involved in psychotherapy as it aids in supporting children that have difficulty experiencing joy and play, adult survivors of childhood abuse and trauma and for anyone engaged in inner child work.

Fuchsite can provide a sense of overall peace and calm as well as encourage balanced decision making and good choices. The levity it brings can help boost your emotional energy after a breakup, divorce, loss of job or other challenging experience.

On a physical level, it is thought helpful for carpal tunnel pain, spinal alignment, muscle tension and eczema. Many tout it’s ability to improve sleep quality, even where long standing sleep difficulties are present.

Fuchsite excells at healing the Earth and all it’s flora. It is a superb choice for gardeners, farmers, arborists, herbalists, florists and anyone who works to protect and preserve the natural world (see also Kambaba Stone).

These sparkly green minerals can also aid in managing large groups of people, particularly when setting team schedules. It can help you ensure that there are ample skilled individuals when/where needed and that all of the dynamic details are fully considered.

Fuchsite brings general good luck and helps to boost the energy of other nearby stones. It is connected with the astrological signs of Libra and Aquarius.

If this crystal sounds like a great fit, you may also enjoy Kambaba Stone, Green Calcite and Red Jasper

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