Moving Forward in the time of Covid: What Would Usui Do?

2020 has been a series of “Tower Card” moments-seemingly endless destruction that can leave us feeling without hope. It is important to remember this is all a part of the nature’s cycles. Sometimes, things need to come apart so they can be rebuilt bigger, better and more equitably. Change can be difficult, even painful-yet it is not without the promise of new opportunities. Today, I’ve both (though thankfully much more of the latter) to share with you. 

For thirteen years, I’ve led Learn Reiki Philadelphia in accordance with Mikao Usui’s founding Reiki principles:

  • Just for today, I will not worry
  • I will not anger
  • I will work hard and honestly
  • I will give thanks for my many blessings
  • I will be kind to every living thing”.

Navigating so much sudden loss & tumult can be made easier when viewed through these principles. In 1923, The Great Kanto Earthquake struck Japan during a time of rising Imperialism & violent persecution. It was then that Usui structured the system of Reiki that bears his name, making the esoteric accessible to modern folks when they needed it most. It has since gone on to change millions of lives worldwide.

Reiki as an energy is not a commodity, it is much more sacred than that; and so is the safety of everyone I am honored to serve. After months of soul searching & false starts, while quarantined alone and stumbling through this pandemic as we all have, I’ve come to accept that I would not feel in alignment with my integrity as a Reiki teacher if I were to:

  • Accept deposits for classes I cannot promise will come to pass as scheduled due to circumstances beyond my control
  • Restructure classes to meet financial obligations at the possible expense of quality & enjoyment
  • Hold in-person Reiki classes that could endanger the physical safety of those in attendance

Ethics are paramount to us at Learn Reiki Philadelphia, and people are infinitely more valuable than property. With that, I’ve decided to release our studio space in Old City. It simply makes more sense to reopen in a new physical space that better suits our needs (more on that later) when the pandemic (and/or our Nation’s response to it) allows. Holding on to a brick and mortar venue that can’t safely serve us for an indefinite period of time would hold us back energetically & financially. To be clear WE ARE NOT CLOSING, and the Reiki will not stop. In fact, it will increase in both capacity and accessibility.

And now for the opportunities: we will not “wait for the sun to come out”, we will dance in the rain. 

This time of physical separation can allow us to appreciate the beauty of-and intrinsic need for-uplifting, supportive community. We need ways to connect, share, evolve and grow that are sustainable in the age of Covid. In partnering with Pierce Digital Creative (the owner of which happens to be a graduate of our program!) I am excited to bring you just that! 

A comprehensive online community – Keep practicing & stay in touch with video & resource libraries, guided self-reiki sessions, continuing education, message boards and regular virtual events including Reiki shares, crystal grid healings, Full Moon ceremonies and even a monthly book club! Our new membership site is like a Patreon but SO MUCH MORE. Monthly memberships start at just $5. This new virtual community is the exact answer to supportive, spiritual community so many of us have craved during this time. I’m honored to bring my focus back to holding this space for you all, beyond what our physical walls could.

In our pre-launch phase now through August 15th, you can save 25% on your first month’s membership with coupon code PRELAUNCH. No Reiki training is required to belong. We’re light on content as we get started though adding more daily. We’ve revived some of the surviving Healing Arts Radio episodes Danielle hosted back in 2012 before podcasting was much of a thing, and they are up now!


Learn Reiki Philadelphia Memberships


Of course there are ways to stay involved that are free, and if you’d like a Community Level membership but are facing financial hardship please let me know, we’ll make it work. 

LIVE Online Reiki Classes – Yes, really!! Enjoy intimate, practical and effective online Reiki classes as we move through this challenging time together. Reiki Level 1 is still twelve hours of class time now available as a weekend intensive or multi-week course. Your tuition includes two passes (normally $11 each) for our Supervised Virtual Practice Sessions. In these regular Zoom events, Danielle will support & guide you (and a small group of students) to practice giving a session to a friend or loved one with whom you feel safe sharing close quarters. Choose someone from your quarantine crew (or mask up with a friend outdoors using the Zoom mobile app) and get the practice you need without any unnecessary exposure! There will be several dates and times on the schedule for you to choose from so you can schedule this at your convenience. While times are indeed challenging, Reiki is not. Our online Reiki classes are the perfect way to help you balance stress, empower yourself and support those you care about during this difficult time. 

Online classes are a bit more affordable, too. See upcoming dates or enroll in Reiki level 1 or Reiki level 2   Mastery coming soon!  **Those of you who enrolled in classes that were postponed or already moved online due to Covid will be offered a credit for the difference (check your email for more information).

Online Reiki Shares We will have two per month-one open to everyone regardless of training, and one for our online community members. See dates & RSVP

Distance Sessions & Readings Yes, you can get an effective session from the comfort of home! Energy healing absolutely works when sent over a distance. We start by connecting on Zoom, phone or FaceTime, then you get comfy and receive the session. At the end, we’ll discuss impressions & questions. It’s just like an in-person session except more affordable Schedule a Session

In Person Sessions: I’m working with a venue to make this possible when the time is right. Thank you for understanding the ever changing factors that will impact this, I deeply appreciate your patience and can’t wait to see you!

 Tarot Readings – via Zoom, Phone, FaceTime, my in-depth readings are illuminating and fun! A one hour reading is $45 for a limited time ($55 after September 1st). Schedule a Reading or Reading & Distance Session Combo  

Web Shop – It’s finally here! The store includes my in-depth wisdom of each crystal and is even searchable by Chakra and astrological sign affinity! Reiki charged and clear of unwanted energies, your new buddies will be shipped to you in individual cotton bags for safekeeping. Flat rate Priority Mail and West Philly pickup options. Jewelry & more surprises coming soon! Shop now

 winds of change bamboo background I’m excited to announce the first in my line of Crystal Healing Collections based on the Spiritual wisdom of The Fool’s Journey, the parable on which the Tarot is based. The timely ‘Winds of Change’ set will help you heal and move forward in the face of significant change. From those tender, fear-filled momets to manifesting material support and everywhere in between, these Reiki charged crystal allies will be there for you. This six crystal set is just $30! Learn more or purchase 



A Space That Better Suits Our Needs: When We Reopen

As many of you were aware, we were rapidly outgrowing our home of four years and were in the midst of some growing pains. We had just one year remaining on our lease and I decided late last year that we would move on in late 2021. I look forward to providing opportunities to hire grads, expand availability, provide products and even have a waiting area and insulated walls, ceiling & floor (imagine that)! We made healing magic together in our perfectly imperfect sanctuary and will always look back upon it-and each of you-with love and gratitude. We will celebrate in person again, and when we do, we’ll bring the house down! Until then, you can stay involved, keep learning and help invest in our future.

If you would like to make a one-time contribution towards our future, please visit our GoFundMe page or send directly via Paypal or Venmo. Those of you who have already contributed, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. These contributions allowed me to bring forth the opportunities I’ve announced today. I am humbled, encouraged, and so very very grateful. 

Thank you for being a part of this journey. It has been, is, and will always be an honor to serve you in your healing & spiritual development. Thank you for nearly thirteen years of doing what I absolutely love every single day. It has been my single greatest blessing and I am truly honored and excited for this new chapter.

In overwhelming gratitude and excitement for the future, 

Danielle Stimpson

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