Sunstone for Confidence, Goal Setting & Career Opportunities


Sunstone Crystal Properties


Orange Sunstone powerfully expands your vision of your own potential, allowing you to set goals in alignment with your greater purpose. It bestows motivation and confidence and keeps us from feeling held back due to lack of self-esteem.

Working with Sunstone can aid with career opportunities and help you to stand out and be recognized. It can elevate your resume or interview, enhance your candidacy for promotion and give a boost to your marketing if an entrepreneur.

This sunny gem is quite helpful in managing phobias and protecting against those who would exploit your money and resources. Considered a crystal of good luck and opportunity, it also helps to manifest a move to a sunny place.

Throughout human history, Sunstone has been a highly revered Spiritual stone, most notably:

  • The First Nations tribes of Eastern Canada used it as centerpiece in their Medicine Wheels
  • In ancient Greece it represented the Sun Gods Apollo & Helios and was thought to bring abundance to those who wore or carried it
  • In India it protected against negative spiritual forces and was associated with the Sun God Surya

In modern times it is associated with the astrological signs of Libra and Leo and provides a strong boost to your Solar Plexus chakra.

Give Orange Sunstone a try today and see how it feels to have the light of the sun shine upon your hopes and dreams!

If this crystal sounds like a great fit, you may also enjoy Polychrome Jasper, Aventurine and Yellow Calcite.

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Your stone will be chosen for you intuitively cleared of all unwanted energies and charged with Reiki. 




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