How we are addressing disease prevention in our studio…

Corona virus outbreaks are preventable and at Learn Reiki Philadelphia we have a plan for how to prevent as much illness as possible (including the standard flu).

The trust you have placed in me as your wellness provider is never far from my mind. Our thriving community of students & clients is far reaching and consists of a large percentage of vulnerable individuals who are ill and/or immune compromised (including myself).

Many of us are also care workers: nurses & medical providers, social workers, child and elder care specialists & Reiki cancer volunteers just to name a few.

Limiting the potential reach of Covid 19 is an act of life-saving compassion that impacts more people than we could even know. As of today the WHO estimates the global mortality rate of Covid 19 Coronavirus is 3.4% (or roughly 1 in 33). This statistic is sobering, but we are not helpless.

We can choose to rise to this challenge not out of fear, but out of kindness and respect for our community and everyone we serve, but we can’t do it alone.

Here’s where I need your help:

If you are showing signs of illness-especially a fever-please reschedule your service or class. We’ll be adding information and the ability to schedule distance sessions & readings very soon.

If you or someone with whom you have shared close contact has recently spent time anywhere under travel advisory, please wait at least 14 days (longer if recommended by health officials) before joining us in the studio.

We are now a fully “shoes off” space. Please bring or wear socks when coming in.

When in the space, we ask that you wash your hands vigorously with soap and water for at least 20 seconds per CDC guidelines. Alcohol based hand sanitizer & paper towels will also be provided.

We will no longer provide warm beverages or cutlery. When attending a class, you are invited to bring a mug or thermos. If you’d like to invest in your own set of travel utensils, check out United by Blue online or across the street from the studio for some great options.

Here is how staff at Learn Reiki Philadelphia will  do our part:

You will not forfeit any deposit or incur any fees for classes or sessions you need to reschedule for the health and wellbeing of yourself or others.

As always, physical touch is purely optional. Energy easily flows at a slight “hover”. Latex free protective gloves are available for you & your practitioner(s) at your request.

Pillowcases, eye coverings and sheets are already laundered to standards that kill Coronavirus after every session (yay!). We’ll now envelope blankets in a large flat sheet that will be washed the same way, and will wash blankets regularly too.

High use surfaces will be sanitized & floors will be steam cleaned daily.

We’ll have 70% alcohol spray bottles available for your use. Please consider this for the outside of your water bottle, waterproof phone or any other seldom washed items.

We will provide disposable water cups & paper towels at the sink for the foreseeable future. We’ll get the most sustainable products reasonably available.

The public water pitcher will be sanitized daily.

We’ve always disinfected the black class mats with every use and will continue to do so.

Thank you for your assistance and understanding as we work to keep each other safe at this challenging time.


Danielle Stimpson’s thoughts on Coronavirus misinformation within the Reiki community …

Additionally, I feel it is of utmost importance to address misinformation within the Reiki community. On Feb. 29 the International Center for Reiki Training’s William Lee Rand issued a public statement entitled “Reiki and Coronavirus” saying in part “(Reiki) is capable of strengthening the immune system and in so doing helping the body prevent infection. It is also capable of restoring health if one becomes infected.”

While this statement also mentioned other methods of disease prevention, I want to make clear that there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that Reiki strengthens the immune system or that it prevents or treats coronavirus. Can Reiki help? I “believe” it absolutely does.  Reiki does not cause harm, though misinformation certainly can. However, that’s my belief. My faith is not a pandemic fighting fact.

I do not make this statement as a deflection of liability or as a personal attack on any individual or organization, but as a responsible practitioner who happens to have an applicable background in biomed. Specifically, I worked with transfusable human blood & tissue and all of the diseases therein. Many years later, I gave myself Reiki as I received blood transfusions following surgery. Reiki in no way replaced the scientifically valid processes that allowed this to safely take place, just as this transfusion in no way invalidated my experience of Reiki.

People are dying, new information is discovered hourly, and this is not the time to make statements that may confuse the space between personal beliefs and facts no matter how well intended. When we empower people with factual information and honestly declare beliefs for what they are, we empower folks to explore their own innate intelligence and make the best decisions for themselves. I feel this is the best place for a Reiki practitioner regardless of the circumstances.

In closing, to borrow from the Reiki principles, Just for today do not worry, just for today work hard and honestly, and just for today be kind to every living thing (except viruses).

Help us save lives – be a hero-wash your hands! (and then do Reiki)

While we hope this virus has minimal impact on our region, should that fail to be the case, we have plans for lots of interactive, uplifting and healing web-based offerings to help us get through this challenging time together. Usui gave Reiki following the Kanto Earthquake, Hawayo Takata continued giving Reiki in Hilo, Hawaii (albeit quietly!) throughout WWII and we will follow their examples to the best of our abilities as we move forward.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our community clean & safe. If you have questions or concerns, please message admin@LearnReikiPhiladelphia.com

In gratitude,

Danielle Stimpson

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