Blue Kyanite: Blue Stone of Metaphysical Secrets & Self Love

Blue Kyanite is an excellect crystal for balancing the third eye and throat chakras and can help you to better verbalize or otherwise express spiritual messages. As such it is very helpful for metaphysical activities like chanelling, card reading and other forms of divination. This unique blue crystal allows you to see yourself a spiritual being beyond your physical body. We especially recommend this stone for folks who struggle with body dysmorphia, certain cases of PTSD and any condition or situation where the body has come to feel separate from the self.

This is a superb choice to unify the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual needs for overall balance, particularly for those who are intuitive and find it difficult to “ground” in to their physical bodies. It’s metaphysical properties make it wonderful for connecting to your body’s physical needs and for making healthy lifestyle changes of all kinds. In relationships and group dynamics, it is a harmonizer that helps dissipate pettiness and passive agressive tendencies.

Blue kyanite makes a supportive gift for those transitioning to a new gender, undergoing treatment for eating disorder or coming to terms with significant body changes from injury, illness and pregnancy/birth.

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