Kelly Morton is BACK from Paris and, by popular request, she is returning to Learn Reiki Philadelphia with two great workshops on the Tarot.

The first, Tarot Basics, is perfect for those new to Tarot or who want a refresher on core concepts. We’ll discuss the basic meaning of each card in the major arcana and the powerful energy they represent. Then, we will break the minor arcana and look at how the numbers as well as the suits can give insight into life’s daily events. You’ll also learn the basics celtic cross spread and how to interpret cards based on their placement. Saturday March 12, 2-4:30pm

The second, entitled “The Major Arcana: The Fool’s Journey” delves deeper into the significance of the “trump” cards from a perspective of numerology and spiritual progress. This workshop is intended for those who have some experience with Tarot, however all are welcome. Bring a deck if you’d like to participate in a reading exchange after the talk! This workshop takes place Sunday March 13th 2-4:30pm.

Click to Learn More About Kelly

Click to Learn More About Kelly

These workshops are just $25 each. RSVP today as space as limited. We hope to see you there!

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