img_3564This week’s election have left many of you feeling scared and uncertain of the future. Given the hateful rhetoric, it is difficult not to be. This morning, Danielle released a piece on how the History of Reiki can inspire us and remind us that despite the worst of times, progress can still be made. Danielle’s recent blog post “World Tumult and Reiki: We’ve Been Here Before” contains her usual honest and uplifting perspective, and here she shares the inspiring Histories of Reiki’s founders.

Take a moment to read and bookmark this piece to keep you going through the challenges ahead.

Read World Tumult & Reiki: We’ve Been Here Before

We would like to take this moment to reaffirm our commitment to all of you:

Learn Reiki Philadelphia will continue to be a safe place for all, no matter your race, gender identity, sexuality, religion, ability level or citizenship status. May we be a comfort, a home away from home, as we move forward to create the Nation where all thrive in comfort and free of fear.

In love and solidarity,

Danielle Stimpson & The LRP Family

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