Honey Calcite


Honey Calcite empowers and balances the solar plexus chakra, the center of personal identity and willpower. This stone brings awareness to unhealthy interpersonal relationships & boundaries and provides the courage and clarity to help you change them. As such, it is an excellent stone for healing codependency and a powerful ally for anyone working to overcome a tendancy towards abusive relationships. With it’s sunny support, you can more easily discern the needs and desires of your heart from the wishes and expectations of others. Honey calcite is an excellent stone to put in the relationship corner of any workplace or shared living space, as it can help accountability and discourage overbearing behavior that can sabotage the group dynamic. Danielle often recommends this stone for adult children of alcoholics. If you seek a stone to help you feel more secure being yourself, try Honey Calcite!


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In addition to the qualities listed above, Honey Calcite is associated with the astrological signs of Pisces, Cancer and Leo.

Each piece comes cleared of unwanted energy and filled with Reiki. Your piece will be chosen intuitively. Expect size, shape and color to vary.


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