Clear Crystal Points


Clear Quartz is a very adaptable crystal. It can be used to help clear and balance chakras, to help with emotional regulation or to give you a quick boost of energy when you’re having a low moment.  If you want to work with the energy of a specific crystal but don’t have it, Clear Quartz can act as a stand-in. If you would like to amplify the healing potential of a specific crystal or stone, place it on or near Clear Quartz while you work with it. Clear quartz can also be used for “programming”, where a specific intention or invocation can be infused into the stone for purposes of healing or manifesting.

In our studio, we often use natural quartz points to denote the direction we would like an energy to flow during a healing session. If an area on the body is holding a lot of unbalanced energy, place crystals around this area pointing away. If an area is depleted or needs healing energy focused there, you can do the opposite; pointing the crystals towards the area. In much the same way, clear quartz is often used in crystal grids.

Photos are examples only. Please expect natural variations in size, shape and clarity.

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