⁠Citrine is a stone of abundance, motivation and manifestation. A yellow/orange quartz, citrine aids in visualizing and materializing what you seek and motivates us to take physical action to turn dreams in to reality. ⁠This crystal also stimulates creativity, imagination & artistic endeavors.

Citrine diffuses, converts and grounds negative energy, making it wonderful for space clearing. Additionally, Citrine can help us to balance logic and intuition, allowing us to achieve clarity and make decisions. This sunny miracle makes a great gift for folks beginning or expanding a business. Place one in cash boxes, where financial documents are stored, and/or in the financial power center of a space by incorporating the philosophy of Feng Shui. Citrine resonates most strongly with the Solar Plexus chakra, and can aid in balancing the Solar Plexus and Third Eye..

Your piece will be chosen intuitively. Please expect some variation in color, size and shape. 

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