Chevron Amethyst with 2 Points to Align with Spirit


In addition to the properties Amethyst is traditionally celebrated for, the pyramidal “chevron” bands of white empower connection to Spirit. Chevron Amethyst is an exceptional crystal ally for channeling, enhancing intuitive & psychic abilities, shamanic journeying and connecting to your Angels and Guides.

It may also be used to deeply clear any and/or all chakras. Simply place on an energy center pointed up towards the crown. When Chevron Amethyst is double terminated (meaning it has a point at each end) it can be placed on the center of the body with points facing towards the head and feet for a fast acting clearing and balancing of the enrite chakra system and shashumna (the energy pathway that runs through the center of the chakras). This can also be used as a compliment to further empower a multi-stone chakra healing or balancing, and as such is a wonderful tool for energy healers, both for client work and self-care.

Your piece will be chosen intuitively. Exact color, clarity, size and pattern will vary.

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In addition to the qualities listed above, Chevron Amethyst is recommended for all astrological signs and makes a thoughtful gift for the energy healer or crystal fan in your life!

Your piece will be chosen intuitively, will be free of unwanted energy and Reiki charged. Exact color, clarity, size and pattern will vary.


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