Amazonite for Improved Connection to Life’s Purpose


Amazonite is an excellent stone to have at your side when questioning your life’s purpose, feel unable to reach an important goal or milestone, or doubt the importance of your life’s contributions. With it’s heart-focused energy, Amazonite allows you to see past the pain to take pride in the contributions you have made and to see yourself as so much more valuable than just the sum of your actions. This can set the stage for a transition to new, more spiritually aligned goals in career & relationship.

As amazonite supports this reconciliation with past efforts and unmet goals, it can be invaluable during life-altering illness or injury and end of life transitions. Danielle considers this stone a beautiful gift and healing ally for those in Hospice, their caretakers, family & friends. Light blue/green with white stripes, Amazonite brings light into the cracks of a broken heart caused by grief of a lost loved one, especially when also grieving “what could have been”. Amazonite is also deeply healing for divorce, closure of a business or the loss of a home or pet.

If you find yourself struggling to redefine yourself in the midst of sudden change, you may also wish to consider our Winds of Change crystal set or an Integrated Energy Therapy session.


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In addition to the qualities listed above, amazonite is often considered the “why am I here?” stone as it helps you to find your spiritual life purpose.

Your piece will be intuitively selected. Please expect variations in size, shape and color


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