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We are excited to launch our online learning portal! During Covid and beyond, we’ll be adding both live and prerecorded classes on an array of intriguing topics to help you cultivate your spiritual side and balance mind/body wellness. Now no matter where you are, you can take part in much of what we have to offer from the comfort of your own home.

Born in this time of social distance and economic difficulty, these online classes help us to remain viable without straying from our mission. We’ve given special consideration to affordability and developed the Community Tickets program. While community tickets will be somewhat limited, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to return to our roots. Danielle launched Learn Reiki Philadelphia in the financial crisis of 2008 and for the first several years exclusively taught on a sliding fee scale by partnering with host businesses seeking passive revenue to survive the recession. Now, we are able to hold space for our wide network of graduates and colleagues to share their wisdom and earn a fair wage for doing so. Every class you take benefits a small business AND a dedicated, knowledgeable practitioner with so much to share.

We will return to our cozy, convenient Old City Philadelphia wellness studio as soon as it is in the best interest of public health to do so, and we will continue to provide an ever expanding catalog of web based classes to help you learn, heal and grow!



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Reiki Level 1 - Only 200.00

10/10 & 10/11

Each day 10am-4pm via Zoom
Usui Reiki helps us to connect to the abundant healing chi of nature. A personal practice of Reiki can help you self-soothe and maintain inner peace even in difficult times. Tuition is $250, deposit of $100 holds your space. Tuition includes two supervised virtual practice sessions to guide you through treating a loved one you feel safe being in close quarters with during the Covid crisis that you can schedule at your convenience.

reiki classes with danielle stimpson

Reiki 1 Multi-Part Weeknight Class (Online)

Wednesdays 9/9 - 9/30, 5:30-8:30

Usui Reiki helps us to connect to the abundant healing chi of nature. A personal practice of Reiki can help you self-soothe and maintain inner peace even in difficult times. Tuition is $250, deposit of $100 holds your space. Tuition includes two supervised virtual practice sessions to guide you through treating a loved one you feel safe being in close quarters with during the Covid crisis that you can schedule at your convenience.

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Intuitive Tarot 101

with Ginnette Morel

If you’ve ever been curious about tarot and want to learn how to read intuitively, then this class is for you! In Tarot 101, Ginnette will hold the space for you to become familiar with your cards and help you gain a basic understanding of the subject while giving your intuition free reign. This class won’t be focused on general textbook meanings but will instead teach you about The Fool’s Journey, elements, numerology, symbolism, and much more to help you become connected to your intuition and psyche through the cards. We will be going over the Major and Minor Arcana cards with special focus on the Court cards. We will also go over how to protect and cleanse yourself and your decks before readings as well as how to use and create tarot spreads! Join Ginnette on this spiritual journey as we traverse our inner landscape through the use of Tarot.

A LIVE four week web class Tuesdays June 2-23 6:30-8:30. Class is limited to 6 students.

$99, Tarot Deck required (must be Rider-Waite or Steampunk Tarot)

Community Tickets: Thanks to the generosity of the instructor, two Community Tickets are available for just $44 each. These are reserved for folks experiencing financial hardship. To inquire, email admin@learnreikiphiladelphia.com


Photo of Ginnette Morel

Meet Your Instructor

“Hi, I’m Ginnette Morel. I’m an Usui Reiki Master Practitioner, IET Master Instructor, and Professional Tarot Card Reader. I discovered my love for tarot at the age of 16 when I picked up my first deck. It was an instant connection. I taught myself how to read the cards by using intuition and a basic understanding of the cards. I found myself connecting with my angels, guides, and psyche with the help of the cards. In 2012, I began to read tarot for other people professionally. I realized that I could help others connect to their inner guidance by delivering messages and helping them build their own relationship to the cards. The cards are the doorway to the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is full of wisdom that can help us authentically and fearlessly live within our purpose. My belief is that tarot is a tool for self-discovery. My approach to tarot is to provide an empowering and insightful safe space for each of my clients to explore their depths. My mission is to empower individuals on their spiritual journey by providing each individual with knowledge and services that will enable them to move forward confidently.”

Ginnette is a Reiki Master graduate of Learn Reiki Philadelphia and studied her formative IET classes with Danielle. A lover of animals, Ginette regularly works in support of local animal rescue and has several beloved furbabies. We are over the moon to have her as our very first Online Class instructor, and we just know you all will enjoy her positive, supportive spirit.

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Healing Angels of the Energy Field

A Five Part Integrated Energy Therapy Self-Healing Class with Danielle Stimpson

Integrated Energy Therapy is especially helpful in times of deep change and uncertainty, replacing fear of the unknown with excitement for what will be. In this transformation self-healing journey, you will learn to connect with your Healing Angels to release past pain and embrace the highest possible vision of your future. With continued practice, we can more easily enact our Soul’s purpose undeterred by the challenges we have overcome and/or continue to face.

In this five part course you will learn:

  • Who the Healing Angels of the Human Energy Field are
  • The wisdom and healing gifts each Angel brings us
  • A straightforward technique to energetically connect with your Angels
  • How to partner with each Angel to release & heal the past as you move forward in life

The IET system can help you to cultivate a relationship with your Angels in a way that is free of Religious overtones and dogmas. All that is required is an open heart and mind, and while there is no prerequisite the techniques easily compliment any practice of introspection, Reiki, yoga, meditation, breath work etc that you may already have or develop down the road. For those who practice IET, this class is invaluable for learning more about the Angels and the unique healing gifts each provide.

There just simply could not be a more timely series, and we are thoroughly excited to hold this space for you. Each class will be limited to six students. Of those six seats, two tickets will be available at a significant discount to those facing financial hardship.

Tuition: $125
Community Tickets: $50, limit two students per class email admin@learnreikiphiladelphia.com for details

Two classes enrolling, choose from the dates & times below. Please note that these are live classes and are not recorded for viewing at a later time, as to do so would violate the Center of Being Inc’s Intellectual Property rights. All students receive a digital manual & certificate, issued by the Center of Being Inc.

This class will be led by Danielle Stimpson, Founder of Learn Reiki Philadelphia & IET Instructor since 2012. We express our gratitude to The Center of Being Inc., who manage the Integrated Energy Therapy system, for making this class available online and for lowering the minimum price we’re allowed to charge. These classes would not be possible without their support.
***A personal journey, this IET course is not structured around the treatment of others and does not include information on how to facilitate an IET session. Those classes will begin enrolling once again when it is in the best interest of public health and safety to do so.

Our community is open, inclusive & friendly.

We’re a safe and judgement free space and warmly welcome everyone. You won’t be lectured about your diet, beliefs or way of life. We are LGBT friendly and handicapped accessible*.

*Have mobility challenges? No problem! We have a ramp to our New St. entrance (which provides a safer drop off/pickup point than busy 2nd St) as well as an accessible restroom with sturdy rails. Please contact us ahead of time so someone can assist you at the rear entrance, and ensure your comfort . We are honored to help.

Are you a presenter, group or provider seeking an accessible space for a small event, meeting or wellness service? We’re happy to discuss partnering with you to provide better community access for those with mobility challenges. Contact Danielle directly at learnreikiphiladelphia (at) gmail (dot) com.

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