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Access to most forums – An inclusive space to meet others on their healing path! Exchange resources, share experiences and find support on just about any topic. You can find a thread that speaks to you or create one and get the conversation started.

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Virtual Shares

A Once-Monthly Members Only Virtual Reiki Share - via Zoom An excellent way to keep up your self-care is practicing with others. While we'll still host shares open to the public, this share will help us to meet face to face and stay in touch. Please click the button below to RSVP so that we can know who will be attending.

Q&A Sessions

Monthly Reiki Master Q & A - via Zoom Here, we'll be able to gain support & wisdom as our connection to Reiki unfolds. Informal yet encouraging, it's the perfect way to have your own questions answered and gain valuable insight from the questions of others. Live with the opportunity to listen at a later date. Can't attend? Submit your questions ahead in the forum and we'll fold them in! We'll even add the occasional guest co-host for new perspectives and broadened horizons. 

Next: Sunday October 18 at 2pm. RSVP

Blessing & Manifestation Bowl

You'll be included in our Blessing & Manifestation Bowl - Combining techniques from Reiki & Integrated Energy Therapy with a crystal grid, Danielle has created a very special physical bowl that connects your healing requests and manifestations to larger energetic power sources (including the World Angel Grid). You can submit your requests easily in our manifestation bowl forum!

The blessing bowl is ready! Post in the forum or email Danielle@learnreikiphiladelphia.com

Monthly Book Club

Monthly Book Club - Explore new subjects, voices, practices and theories with fun and thoughtful folks! Each month a new book that YOU get to help select. We'll get things started in the forums and once we have enough interest we'll also host a live chat.

Update! Book announcement! Click "Join the party" to learn this month's pick.

Two new guided self sessions per month

Two new guided self sessions per month - The best way to stay motivated in any practice is to keep it interesting. Twice each month, Danielle will release a gently guided new approach to self treatment. This is an effective way to deepen your connection to Reiki while allowing your self-care time feel extra special.

Both sessions now available

Access to our self session library

New continuing ed class uploaded!

Access to the ever-growing guided self session library - Access all of our guided self sessions anywhere at any time. Need a Reiki pick-me-up? Select one and follow along with a familiar voice as you shift your vibration.

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